Last Twilight 1×10 Review: Episode 10

As we get closer to the end of Last Twilight, fans are on edge. I trust that P’Aof will give us a good ending – maybe not necessarily happy, but hopeful. But it’s hard not to be nervous about what’s going to happen when it seems like everything is going to work out… and there are still two episodes to go.

I’m going to start out by saying that I have never been more thrilled to be wrong. I worried, as the show went on with no explanation for Day’s animosity towards his brother, that a reconciliation was out of the question. I was sure that they either wouldn’t make up at all, or that they would make up and then something catastrophic would happen. (To be fair, that could still be the case, but we’re choosing to think positively!)

But Day has finally forgiven his brother for his role in the accident that cost Day his sight. I think part of this is due to the conversation Day had with their father in last week’s episode. Day has been dismissing Night’s attempts to make up for the accident as Night trying to gain their mother’s favor, and it was their father who told them that Night has been trying to be a big brother in the way he wasn’t before. But also I think a lot of what caused Day to forgive Night had to do with witnessing the way their mother treated him. 

And honestly, I am giving their mother a serious side-eye right now. Blaming Night for not taking care of his brother when she is never around to take care of her own son? I couldn’t help but wonder if the way she fawned over Day at Christmas dinner is representative of how their family dynamic always has been. “Oh, look, Day, I made your favorite, Merry Christmas my perfect son *forehead kiss*” like her other son wasn’t also sitting at the table. Night looked crushed when that happened, but he also didn’t look surprised. How much of this is their mother coddling Day because of his condition and how much is just how it’s always been between the three of them?

I also could not get over the way their mother was infantilizing Day throughout the episode. The moment where she blew on his soup to cool it and then fed him could have been read as a sweet, motherly gesture if not for the fact that earlier in the episode she literally took Day’s phone away and changed the wi-fi password. Night had to take a selfie as proof that Day went to the hospital. She even said she’d rather he be isolated in his room, where she knows he’d be “safe” than have any kind of life. I get that she’s worried, but the fact that she doesn’t seem to care at all about Day’s happiness just screamed controlling.

That doesn’t even begin to cover the way she’s looked down on Mhok the entire time because he’s poor. She even acknowledged that Mhok has done a lot to get Day to return to a “normal” life (or at least establish a new normal), while still claiming that he isn’t good for Day because he doesn’t have money. When she told Day that she wanted someone who could take care of him, I said out loud, “He can take care of himself.”

Anyway, I’m very pleased that Day and Night have reconciled. Nature is healing. Night has been doing so much for his brother and getting no credit, so I love that they are mending their relationship. Also, let’s give it up for Mark Pakin, who literally stole the episode with his five minutes of screen time.

And before we get off the subject of Night, let me tell you about the sound I made when he told his friend at the hospital to take care of Porjai because that was his baby. The meeting at the hospital that the two of them set up implies that they have been talking. I’m curious as to how serious the talking is, because they both clearly like each other. He knows what he’s getting into by dating Porjai; she made that clear when they met at the race. And I just really love the idea of them together, so I’m not-so-subtly rooting for those two crazy kids to make it.

Day and Mhok were, as usual, too adorable for words. I love their repeated sniff-kisses. I like that Mhok opened the restaurant and still cooked Day a special meal even though he was late. (I really loved Day’s reaction to the wine.) The running thread of “the moon is beautiful” as an indication that the other one is outside was brilliant. Even though they’re not together all the time anymore, they are still so happy and in love. (Oven mitts as an expression of love are now a thing in two series!)

Perpetual green flag Mhok took responsibility for not bringing Day back in a timely fashion and quit before he could be fired. He even told Day not to be angry at his mother. (Even though, personally, Day was justifiably angry and you should be allowed to be angry when family is being unreasonable. But I digress.) And I think both of them suspected that she would try to keep them apart, which is why they were so sneaky about it.

I also think that Mhok agrees, on some level, that he needs to be in a better position if he wants to put himself up as a serious suitor for Day. It would be weird to be on the family payroll while they’re in a relationship, so I don’t disagree with “his” decision to leave the job and try and find something else. I was a little miffed that he was given a lead for a job a few episodes ago and apparently that disappeared. However, I think this job as a cook is maybe meant to indicate that he’ll take Aon and Ple’s friend up on his offer to be a chef at his hotel.

And it makes sense why he wouldn’t necessarily tell Day that he got a new job; he wanted it to be something “worthy” of telling him, because he needs to prove it not only to Day’s mother but also to himself that he “deserves” Day.

These two have the cutest dates. Mhok is still being a caretaker in the sense that he thinks about things Day can enjoy. It would seem odd to take a blind person to an art museum when they can’t see any of the art. But then they stumbled across the activity specifically for blind people. And now I’m wondering if, based on some of the paintings, it wasn’t a collection of pieces done by people with disabilities? (One of the paintings was of just an ear, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything but could imply that the painter is deaf.)

One thing I wish is that there was more of an emphasis on Mhok. This seems very much to be about Day and his journey of healing and self-acceptance, and I feel like we don’t spend enough time dealing with what Mhok is going through. He’s still grieving his sister (his line in last week’s episode about needing a rainbow to complete the picture was ad-libbed and a reference to her). He had the same struggles finding a new job as he did in the first episode, but we’re only told about this, not shown. And he moved up from dishwasher to cook very quickly. (Presumably. Timelines never exist on these shows.)

And of course, the episode ends with Chekov’s corneas. I’ve said multiple times that them always bringing up the transplant meant that it had to happen. And it will, in next week’s episode. But naturally, they don’t spoil whether or not the surgery was successful. I think that Day has accepted his blindness enough that he won’t be devastated if the surgery doesn’t work, but I don’t know which outcome I think is more likely.

Author: Jamie Sugah

Jamie has a BA in English with a focus in creative writing from The Ohio State University. She self-published her first novel, The Perils of Long Hair on a Windy Day, which is available through Amazon. She is currently an archivist and lives in New York City with her demon ninja vampire cat. She covers television, books, movies, anime, and conventions in the NYC area.


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