Legion 2×3 Review: Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

Legion Chapter Eleven felt like a punch to the gut.  It started off by bringing many of the characters that have been separated for a good portion of the season back together, but by the end I was literally shouting at my computer over what the show was doing to them.

The best thing about Chapter Eleven to me was how it brought the Summerland gang back together.  Cary’s dialogue was particularly good between both Ptonomy and David.  These actors have a good chemistry with one another and it shows.  The best bit of dialogue hands down was the following exchange:

Ptonomy: That was a-
Cary: Minotaur, yes.
Ptonomy: But why was it-
Cary: In a doggie wheelchair? No idea.

I was pumped up during most of these scenes.  I love this entire team and having working together again to fight against the Catalyst was great! But by the end I was practically screaming.  While David managed to save both Ptonomy and Mel from the Catalyst, Kerry got infected by the end of the episode and was seemingly abandoned without help in a hallway alone.  When Cary attempted to merge with her he was unable to do so and then… he just disappeared.  What was that??  Syd was also infected by the Catalyst, but thankfully David had stumbled across her and will no doubt do everything to save her.  The episode was left on a brutal cliffhanger as he went into her mind to pull her from her own maze, but I’m confident he’ll succeed.  Kerry and Cary, though?  I don’t know.  One or both of them could very well die.  As I mentioned last week, if they kill Kerry or Cary, I’m not sure what I’ll do.

But let’s rewind and talk about that Minotaur in a doggie wheelchair for a minute.  The two most obvious places we’ve seen him have been in relation to Mel.  The first major shot of him was when Mel was getting high on the blue drug in her room back in Chapter Nine.  As the camera pulled out and spun around he was seen wheeling himself across her floor and she seemed completely oblivious to his presence.  Now here we are in Chapter Eleven and he’s quite clearly in her maze.  But there’s been at least two other sightings of the Minotaur that are unrelated to Mel.  And let’s be real, there’s probably more that I’m just unaware of.  Our Minotaur friend appears very briefly in a flash of light behind David in Chapter Nine.  He’s also seen scooting down the hallway in the same episode during the scene where a bunch of children are sitting in a circle in front of a chalkboard during some sort of school lesson.  Go back and rewatch Chapter Nine, if you can, because our Minotaur friend is heavily present.  What is he? To quote Cary, “no idea.”

Chapter ElevenAnother highlight of the episode (and the show over all really) is Lenny.  She’s definitely her own being at this point and I really don’t know how or why.  I mean, from a show runner’s standpoint the ‘why’ is to keep Aubrey Plaza around.  From an in-universe standpoint, I have no idea why Farouk gave a random mask life in his own conciousness.  Maybe he needs to absorb actual people in order to take on their appearance on the Astral Plane? If so, does that mean the Demon with the Yellow Eyes was a real person? Is he still knocking about somewhere in Farouk? That’s a scary thought.  But I’m not going to complain about a plot device used to keep Aubrey Plaza around longer.  I’ll eat up whatever plot they throw at me to keep her around, honestly.

While Chapter Eleven ended on a gut punch of a cliffhanger, the trailer for next week seems to indicate it’ll be largely Syd focused.  It’s rare for me to enjoy traditional romances on screen, but David and Syd are hugely important to me.  The idea of an entire episode focused on him fighting through her maze to rescue her from the Catalyst sounds pretty damn incredible.  But, knowing Syd, she won’t just be “rescued” in the traditional sense.  I’m sure we’re in for quite a treat next week.


Author: Angel Wilson

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