“Marvel United” Board Game Fully Funded on Kickstarter in Half-an-Hour! (Updated)

Marvel United Board game Kickstarter

Marvel United (Image: PR)

(Update February 15, 2020, added at the bottom of the article.)

People sure love Marvel and board games. Spin Master Corp. and CMON Limited’s new board game Marvel United was able to get fully funded on Kickstarter in about half-an-hour. Marvel United is the first-ever Marvel game on Kickstarter. You can still support it for awesome perks!

Reaching the $150,000 milestone to be fully funded in less than an hour is an impressive feat. Fans seem to be very excited about Marvel United. The Kickstarter campaign incentivized backers by offering exclusive items by pledging $60.

Anyone who pledged $60 or more will receive the Marvel United core box as well as all applicable stretch goal rewards (as they continue being unlocked).

At the launch of the campaign, two exclusive items were announced by Spin Master and CMON:

  • Every $60+ backer will receive three additional Kickstarter-exclusive miniatures (Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and Corvus Glaive)
  • A Kickstarter-exclusive expansion pack featuring The Infinity Gauntlet is available as an add-on for $30

You should keep an eye on the campaign because a number of new exclusives will be added to pledges for free.

As of writing this, the total stands at more than $339,000. Wow!

Marvel United board game kickstarter

Image: PR

I do like the Chibi-style this offering went with.

The description for the game reads:

Marvel United is the ultimate collector’s item for Marvel superfans, featuring completely original, never-before-seen “chibi-style” artwork and CMON-detailed miniatures of fans’ favorite heroes and villains. The game was a top-secret project that has been in development for almost two years. It is an entirely new board game with original gameplay, built from the ground up by award-winning and cult-favorite game designers Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Cthulhu: Death May Die, Rising Sun) and Andrea Chiarvesio (Kingsburg).

The game taps into the current all-play trend in board games that unites players, encourages cooperative play and communication, and leaves nobody bored!

Marvel United allows cooperative gameplay for two to four players. It’s meant for ages 14 and older.

We are excited to unveil the first-ever Marvel game on Kickstarter, delivering a truly unique and original game to fans,” shared Elizabeth LoVecchio, VP of Spin Master Games. “Spin Master takes pride in great partnerships and working with CMON exemplifies this value. Launching Marvel United on Kickstarter gives us the opportunity to bring the ultimate version of this game to superfans with exclusive expansions and characters that can be mix and matched in the game.”

Spin Master Games is a name trusted by geek culture fans. So, you can understand why a lot of support is being shown for this Kickstarter.

As for CMON, it’s a well-known international publisher and designer of tabletop board games and miniature games. The current board game campaign is the company’s 42nd Kickstarter.

Our goal is to make each campaign as fresh and exciting as our games,” said Geoff Skinner, CMON’s VP of Entertainment. “Marvel United is a passion project for everyone at CMON, and we worked as hard as we could to make sure there are lots of sensational surprises in store over the next three weeks.”

Take note; this campaign will last for 22 days. It will be live through Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

The core box is scheduled to be delivered to backers at the same time the game becomes available at retail in Fall 2020. Any applicable stretch goals and Kickstarter exclusive rewards will be delivered soon after.

Do you plan on backing it?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Update 15, 2020

The campaign was able to unlock the S.H.I.E.L.D. Solo Mode. The current feature is something fans have wanted since the campaign began. The Solo Mode has been added to the core box, turning Marvel United into a 1-4 player game!

The description reads:

Solo game play is a growing trend in the gaming industry, allowing you to play whether or not you’ve got teammates available! With these special rules you will be able to play as S.H.I.E.L.D., controlling all the heroes by yourself. In Solo Mode, you will shuffle all the cards of 3 different Heroes of your choice into a single deck. With a larger hand size, you will be able to expertly coordinate the actions of each Hero. As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility” …and great risk! If you ever run out of cards in your hand you aren’t just KO’d, you’re eliminated outright!

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