Animal Kingdom 3×7 Review: Low Man

Low Man Animal Kingdom season 3 episode 4 review

This week’s episode of Animal Kingdom season 3 showed the Cody men getting ready for their next gig. ‘Low Man’ also had some very enjoyable scenes focusing on Pope’s mission to find who killed Baz, and Smurf trying to survive in jail. Also, Adrian showed up!

I was provided a screener of ‘Low Man’ for review. The opinions are my own.

Since the premiere of Animal Kingdom season three, we could see J suffocating under all of the pressure from Smurf. The teenager has been doing a lot to ensure Smurf’s businesses continue running while she is in jail. Even though he didn’t listen to Nicky when she suggested leaving everything behind, J did stand up to Smurf in ‘Low Man’ and it was glorious. Of course, Smurf didn’t appreciate J’s attitude, and you know she is going to teach him a lesson now that she’s free from jail.

Yes, everyone! Smurf is out and she is ready to give the Cody men a visit. I can’t wait to see how she handles Billy. There are still six episodes left and a lot can happen! I want her to go after Lucy and demand all of the money she stole.

Talking about Lucy, she asked Pope to meet someone who had some information about Baz’s murder. Pope doesn’t want to believe Smurf was behind Baz’s death. We know Mia shot Baz. But was it Smurf who paid her to do it? There are so many questions I need answers to.

‘Low Man’ had a lot of relationship talk. Nicky’s father came to take away her things from the Cody residence. He also yelled at J for putting his daughter in danger. I am happy she is alive after shooting herself in the leg and losing a lot of blood. I want her to take a break and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

Adrian also showed up this week. Deran introduced him to Clark in a very awkward manner. Clark could tell there was something going on between Deran and Adrian. However, Deran lied to Clark about it happening a long time ago.

As I have already mentioned, Adrian ended up being very chill about Deran hooking up with someone else for fun while he was away surfing. I am looking forward to seeing how Clark handles being with Deran when he realizes he and Adrian are still very close.

Adrian and Deran grew up together and they still hold a very special place in each other’s hearts. Adrian knows who Deran is and all of the emotional baggage he comes with. They just can’t be together yet because of circumstances. I mean, they can if they want to but I don’t want Deran to officially announce Adrian as his boyfriend because doing so will make him a liability if someone wants to take revenge on the Cody family. Deran needs to keep Adrian away from his very dangerous life.

Some thoughts and questions:

  • Will we ever get to see Nicky again?
  • Will Clark breakup with Deran because he doesn’t want to be with him just for fun?
  • Even though Mia killed Baz, she is the kind of girl J needs by his side to survive the world he is in.

What did you think of Animal Kingdom this week? Did you enjoy ‘Low Man’? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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