Marvel Releases September 2016 Solicitations: The Mutants Are Still in Trouble

Civil War II X-Men Issue 1 Marvel

Marvel has released its solicitations for September 2016, and there are a lot of issues that I’m excited to read. Also, we get hints regarding where the Marvel Universe will head after the conclusion of Civil War II.

A lot of the September 2016 solicitations include Civil War II tie-ins because the major event will be reaching its penultimate chapter that month. I’m really glad to know that one of my favorite series, New Avengers, isn’t going anywhere and the Civil War II tie-in will continue into issue 16. This means that I’ll get to enjoy more art from Paco Medina. Al Ewing will continue to write the series. I really liked the first tie-in and I can’t wait to see what the series has in store for the young heroes.

The mutants will still be having a hard time after Civil War II concludes. The Terrigen Mist is still a problem for mutants worldwide and I have no idea when it will be dealt with. It was revealed in X-Men: Civil War II #1 that Storm had the ability to control the mutant-killing mist. So, I’m not sure why she doesn’t use her powers to keep it concentrated in an area where it won’t harm anyone. I guess the Terrigen Mist is protected by plot armor and Storm just can’t do anything about it.

That is why I enjoy reading the current X-Men ’92 series more. Issue 7 will be released in September and in that universe mutants don’t have to worry about a dangerous mist wiping them all out.

Extraordinary X-Men #14 will have Iceman and Nightcrawler searching for Colossus. Meanwhile, Storm will accompany Magik in search of a missing young mutant. I really hope the missing mutant is Sapna and we finally get to know more about her powers. Another awesome thing is the return of Victor Ibanez. He’s one of the best artists Marvel has. His Storm is gorgeous.

September will also be the month when Extraordinary X-Men Annual #1 will be released. It will usher in a new story arc for the mutants. I wonder what the plot is going to be. Moon Girl will also be appearing in the issue.

There are tons of Marvel comics in the solicitation list that you can check out.

Which issues are you looking forward to reading in September? Let us know!

(via IGN)

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