The X-Men Enter Civil War II with their Own Mini-Series

Civil War II X-Men Issue 1

The X-Men are all set to join Marvel’s major Civil War II event next week with their own tie-in series. Tensions escalate between the Inhumans and the mutants when Magneto decides to take things into his own hands.

Civil War II: X-Men will be a four part series. The story is by Cullen Bunn and the art is by Andrea Broccardo. The mutants have been experiencing dire times since post-Secret Wars. They are close to going extinct because of the Terrigen Mist, and the public hates them more than ever.

Storm decided to create a sanctuary for mutants around the world called X-Haven but that isn’t a permanent solution to their numerous problems. While Storm’s been busy leading her team of X-Men to fight for what she believes in, Magneto has been leading his own team of mutants. Both powerful beings don’t always see eye-to-eye and that plays into the premise of their Civil War II tie-in.

“Terrigen Mists circle the globe, igniting the Inhuman race while crippling mutantkind, pitting the two nations against one another. But when a new Inhuman with the ability to profile the future emerges, the X-Men fear that he may tip the scales in the Inhumans’ favor, spelling doom for their kind. And one mutant is willing to wage war with the Inhumans AND his own people to prevent that from coming to pass… The X-Men enter the fray of CIVIL WAR II when the world’s most terrifying mutant, MAGNETO, takes mutantkind’s fate into his own hands!” (via Comic Book Resources)

Judging from the released preview the art looks great. The story is also quite interesting. Fingers crossed that Storm and Magneto battle each other. I want them both to go all out with their powers. Fans deserve it! Other X-Men, such as Sunspot and Cannonball, and young mutants such as Wiccan have already entered Civil War II through the New Avengers series.

Civil War II: X-Men #1 will be released on 15th June, 2016.

You can also check out what Storm and her X-Men are doing outside of the tie-in. The Apocalypse Wars arc is still running across all of the X-Men titles so it made sense to create a mutant-centric mini-series for the current major event.

Are you excited to read Civil War II: X-Men? Let us know!

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