In Too Deep Article Roundup: Leaks, Viewership, and Bobs

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The “In Too Deep” event is one week behind us, and with the air date of new episodes still a mystery, the Steven Universe fandom is falling back into the familiar pattern of discussion and theorizing to fill the hiatus void.

One major concern was that the French ‘leaks’ would hurt viewership, and that a dip in views may lead to Cartoon Network withdrawing support for the show. However, looking at the data in context, it seems these fears were unfounded. Here’s the list of the two top premieres of the past four Thursday afternoons for Cartoon Network America:

May 12th (Super Watermelon Island/Gem Drill)
1st: Steven Universe, with 1 693 000 views.cutesmooch
2nd: Regular Show, with 1 402 000 views.

May 19th (Same Old World)
1st: Steven Universe, with 1 399 000 views.
2nd: Teen Titans Go!, with 1 239 000


May 26th (Barn Mates)
1st: Steven Universe, with 1 552 000 views.
2nd: Adventure Time, with 1 355 000 views

June 2nd (Hit the Diamond)
1st: Steven Universe, with 1 552 000 views.
2nd: The Amazing World of Gumball, with 1 414 000 views.

Steven Universe topped the ratings for premiers each week, and by a large margin. June 12th saw the highest views by far, but StevenUniverse_V2TheReturnas the first week of the event and the return of show after such a long hiatus, this was to be expected. That “Same Old World” showed a dip in viewership, but as “Same Old World” aired on CN America before CN France leaks are likely not the culprit. The decrease in viewership was across the board for Cartoon Network, in part due to the Memorial Day long weekend. Views swung back up the next week with Barn Mates.

Cartoon Network has shown a great deal of support for Steven Universe, and there are no signs of cancellation at the moment. If you want to officially support the show, there are several ways to do so. If you have a cable ID you can sign onto the Cartoon Network website and watch new episodes’ official live stream, so your viewership is recorded. Otherwise, you can purchase the episodes through licensed retailers such as iTunes and Amazon, or buy the official DVDs. You can also get official Steven Universe merchandise, whether it be FunkoPop Figures, adorable plushies, or your very own cheeseburger backpack.

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And that’s it! What did you think about “In Too Deep”? Are you excited for Summer of Steven? Did you watch the French release of Steven Floats already? If you want more, don’t forget to check out our Alternative Rewatch Episode List and our Speculative Fan Fusion List!

Author: KK Bracken & Laura B

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