Steven Universe’s Surprise May Return, “In Too Deep”

In Too Deep

When last we’d gotten an update on Steven Universe‘s infamously erratic airing schedule, we were told that the show would be return into June for a “Summer of Steven”.

Therefore, it was very much a surprise for the fandom yesterday when the official Cartoon Network Tumblr blog released a picture of a starry-eyed Peridot, bearing the caption “SEE YOU GEMS IN MAY!” Speculation began to run rampant, but it was thankfully only a short amount of time before EW posted this article clarifying the situation. Season three will begin airing on the 12th of May with an event dubbed “In Too Deep”. There will be two episodes on the 12th, with with a new episode airing each Thursday for the subsequent three weeks.

We’ve even gotten a full trailer for the event… but beware, it’s laden with spoilers.

This is definitely a change from the information we were given less than a month ago. Not only are we getting episodes earlier than expected, we are having a full month of weekly episodes, as opposed to the assumed Steven Bomb format. Considering the previously noted downsides of Bombs, this news comes as something of a relief to the fanbase. However, we are again left with ambiguity regarding the show’s schedule once the event ends. Will we still be having a Summer of Steven? Will there be semi-regular episodes aired through to August? At this point, we just don’t know.

On Twitter, show writer Matt Burnett said the change was a surprise even for him, though later clarifying that he was informed of the news a week ago. We can only speculate on the reasons for the altered schedule. Perhaps fan push-back did encourage Cartoon Network to give the show an earlier return and weekly airing, but it seems more likely that change was intended to keep competitor networks on their toes.

Regardless of why, this news is super exciting. Season 3 of Steven Universe is all set to make a splash, and we may finally get answers to long-standing questions. Questions like: can the Crystal Gems deactivate the Cluster? What’s going on with Malachite? And where, exactly, is Peridot going to put her star?



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