Storm Leads Mutants to Battle Extinction in ‘Extraordinary X-Men #1’

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The mutants are back after the 8-month gap post-Secret Wars, and things don’t look good for any of them. Extraordinary X-Men brings back Storm trying hard to fight for the survival of the mutant race, and even though the plot feels repetitive, I’m glad to have the X-Men back.

The Marvel Universe has indeed undergone a huge change due to Secret Wars, and it is evident in the debut issue of the new series. There’s a lot of mystery regarding the events that transpired during the 8-month gap. It feels similar to New Avengers #1, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Scott Summers did to make humans hate mutants so much. Also, I’m not sure if we are talking about the old Scott Summers or the young version of him that was brought to the present timeline by Beast.

While mutants have faced extinction before, courtesy of the Scarlet Witch, this time it is the Terrigen Mist. It is the same mist that gives Inhumans (such as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel) their powers and now it is making the mutants sterile. This means that no more mutants are being born, and with the world bent on hunting what’s left of the population (and possibly exterminating them?) extinction is inevitable.

Extraordinary X-Men (2015-) 001-002One of the big surprises in the first issue came in the form of Storm talking about what to do next with Professor X. The iconic X-Men was killed by Cyclops during Avengers vs. X-Men so, I’m excited to see what those panels meant. Is Charles Xavier back from the dead? Or is Storm wishing she had a chance to talk to him again under such dire circumstances? Only time will tell!

The current team roster includes X-Men from different timelines. It will be fun to see Old Man Logan interacting with team members that died during his time. Will a romantic element be present between Storm and Wolverine this time around as well? Also, having the present timeline Iceman on the team means we’ll get to see more of his sexuality being dealt with.

Humberto Ramos did a great job with the art in the issue, especially the way he used bright colors. I’m not a fan of Storm’s new outfit, though, but I guess I will have to deal with it and be happy she hasn’t lost her position as mutant leader post Secret Wars.

Along with the mystery surrounding what Scott Summers did, there was also a hint of present danger during the panels involving Nightcrawler. I have a feeling that Mister Sinister is back and will stop at nothing to acquire mutant test subjects.

All in all, even though the plot involving mutants going extinct again is repetitive, it is good that Marvel connected it to the Inhumans to change things up a little. This link between Inhumans being the reason mutants are dying comes with a lot of meta regarding how some fans believe Marvel is slowly going to forget about the X-Men and promote Inhumans instead.

I’m also waiting to see if New Avengers will address the mutant extinction, given that Wiccan and Sunspot are mutants themselves.

What did you think of Extraordinary X-Men #1 using mutant extinction as a threat again? Are you glad to see familiar X-Men again? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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