Ms. Marvel #19 Review: The Last Days – Part IV


This month’s issue of Ms. Marvel concluded Kamala Khan’s story during the pre-Secret Wars arc. That’s not to say that she won’t return post-Secret Wars, but it was sad to see things ending for her, even if temporarily.

Kamala’s mother revealed that she knew her daughter was Ms. Marvel all along. The fact that Kamala asked for her swimsuit was what gave her away. The reveal might have come as a surprise for some, but being a Pakistani it just made me smile. Of course her mother checked up on her during the morning prayers and knew she was sneaking into the house after doing her superhero stuff. From my experience, that’s what a lot of Pakistani mothers do. If able, they would check on their children after every 30 minutes, may it be morning or night, no matter how old they got. Even my own mother does that and occasionally places her hand on my forehead in case I suddenly happen to get a fever in the middle of the night. So, I liked that Kamala’s mom knew what she had been up to and was understanding about it.

Aamir’s temporary superpowers seem to have ended this issue and I’m glad. I don’t mind him not being a super powered Inhuman. He’s very happy with his life and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to just remain normal.

Ms. Marvel (2014-) 019-015The final issue also showed Kamala rebonding with a lot of people from her life after Captain Marvel told her the world was ending. The whole comic book didn’t include one panel showing Kamala in costume and, truth be told, I didn’t care. With or without costume, Kamala is an amazing character, and her final moments with her loved ones showed that. Adrian Alphona did another excellent job with his unique art style. The dance routine was definitely the best thing in the issue. Nothing brings people closer together than a dance party during the end of the world.

Coming to the storyline that has been going since the debut of the series, Bruno and Kamala came clean about their feelings for each other. I don’t have anything against Bruno and Kamala being a couple, but I don’t want the inevitable drama to overshadow an awesome series like Ms. Marvel.

I appreciated the fact that Kamala understood that Bruno loved her and she was mature enough to tell him that she wasn’t looking for a relationship right now. Her sole focus was being the best superhero she could be and would continue loving Bruno as her best friend. There is a possibility that their romance will be talked about again as the series continues, and I hope the Wilson handles it carefully if she decides to go down that route.

What did you think of Ms. Marvel #19? Do you think Kamala made the right choice regarding Bruno’s feelings for her? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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