Marvel “Secret Wars” Titles You Should Read!

The huge Marvel event under the name Secret Wars is almost at an end come next month, and while we will be seeing an All-New All-Different Marvel, there are some Secret Wars tie-ins you should definitely read. Check out my favorite picks!

Keep in mind that this list simply details my favorite titles from the Secret Wars tie-ins; it doesn’t mean I disliked the rest of the event-related releases.

last days of ms marvelLast Days: Ms. Marvel

While Kamala Khan isn’t a main player in the core Secret Wars storyline, I was glad to see her on-going solo was put on hiatus. The Last Days arc of Ms. Marvel depicts Kamala’s life before the end of the Marvel universe. While the premise is dark, G. Willow Wilson is still able to bring a humorous feel to the story. Kamala teams up with her idol Carol Danvers in order to help her older brother and learns important superhero wisdom during her adventure. It’s truly an excellent story before things change for the young hero.


Secret Wars brings a new roster of Runaways in a universe created by Doom. I liked the concept of a school where Doom pits students against each other and the ones who survive end up working for him. The Runaways, as the name implies, run away from the school as an act of rebellion. The roster includes well-known characters such as Jubilee, Molly Hayes, Cloak and Dagger. The story is a good blend of teenage enthusiasm and standing against an evil authority. There is also a queer subplot involving Jubilee, so that’s a plus!


I’ve added Thors to the list because it’s so bad that it ends up being good. The Thors serve as the law-keepers in Doom’s domain and the whole story has a cop-drama feel to it. However, the problem with the story comes when the murder of alternate versions of Jane Foster is used to fuel the main mystery. I would’ve preferred the new Thor to be the one solving the mystery, involving versions of her, but what we get is an emotional male Thor trying to find the culprit.

The whole thing is eye-roll inducing and I couldn’t figure out what the writers at Marvel were thinking. Maybe something on the lines of: If killing one Jane Foster can take a toll on the male Thor, look at what happens to him when we kill a bunch of them.

marvel a-forceA-Force

G. Willow Wilson does another amazing job with a comic book featuring prominent Marvel female superheroes. The plot of A-Force takes place in a domain called Arcadia, ruled by She-Hulk. Everything is fine until a giant shark attacks the domain and it sets up a series of unfortunate events for A-Force, the first all-female Avengers team. What follows is a race against time as She-Hulk tries to uncover a conspiracy with the help of Nico, Dazzler, Captain Marvel, and a new character named Singularity. These versions of familiar characters have also joined the highly enjoyable Marvel: Future Fight.

little marvel avxGiant Size Little Marvel: AvX

One of the best tie-ins to come out of Secret Wars, Giant Size Little Marvel: AvX depicts famous Marvel characters as children and the whole thing is just too cute to ignore. The quarrel between the Avengers and the X-Men is at the core of the series but the whole thing comes across as hilarious and adorable, seeing superhero kids trying to fight each other.


If you loved X-Men: The Animated series, you will love this story. The main villain is Cassandra Nova, who tries to brainwash mutants and place them under her control. The original roster from the animated series returns and the whole thing comes with a lot of nostalgia. Also, Storm returns at her most regal, and that’s always a treat to see.

While I greatly enjoyed the new titles that were given birth due to Secret Wars, nevertheless, I am looking forward to the new face of Marvel once everything settles down by next month.

What are the Secret Wars tie-ins that you enjoyed? Let us know!

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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