Marvel’s ‘Death of X’ Will Reveal the Truth Behind Cyclops’ Death

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Fans will get to know what happened during the eight month gap post-Secret Wars when the Death of X four issue mini-series releases this October.

When the Marvel Comic Book Universe returned with All-New, All-Different Marvel there was an eight month gap in the timeline. No one knew for sure what really occurred between the Inhumans and mutants during that time, and what role Cyclops played. Now the mystery will be revealed, and fan questions will be answered (hopefully) through the Death of X. The mini-series will be co-written by Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and Charles Soule (Uncanny Inhumans).

“Right now things are not good for mutantkind,” Lemire says. “On the flipside, Inhumans have been growing and becoming more prominent in the Marvel Universe. There’s a lot of tension between these characters about that, and also within the fandom.”

Lemire is right about there being tension within the fandom. There are a lot of people who think that Disney is promoting Inhumans just to spite Fox who has the live-action film rights to the X-Men franchise. Would an Inhuman vs. Mutants battle have occurred in the Marvel Comic Book Universe if Fox didn’t currently own the rights to the mutants? The conflict between the species is also the focal point of Civil War II: X-Men.

“For both sides of this, it doesn’t affect just a small group of them,” Soule says. “There are heroic Inhumans, but it also affects the bad guys and the psychotic ones just as much as it affects the nice love-and-happiness ones. It’s not just their livelihood and way of life but their very lives at stake, so they’re gonna react the way you think they would. Some people move to some kind of shared solution, but there’s a lot of superhero punching and blasting and stuff like that.”

While Lemire and Soule aren’t revealing more details regarding the Death of X and what it really means there are other things to look forward to. “We’ll definitely see some characters who have been missing in action since the series launch,” said Lemire.

What are your thoughts regarding Death of X? What role will it play in the current Inhumans vs. Mutant battle? Let us know!

(via Entertainment Weekly)

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