‘Midnight, Texas’ 2×03 Review: To Witch Hell And Back

To Witch Hell and Back Review Midnight Texas Season 2 Review
Chuy and Joe in ‘To Witch Hell and Back’ (Image: Screengrab)

This weeks episode of Midnight, Texas featured the departure of another Midnighter. ‘To Witch Hell and Back’ also answered the question about why Bobo’s life is in danger. We also saw Joe being a bit too happy about going on demon hunts with Walker.

‘To Witch Hell and Back’ spent a lot of time on certain relationships. We still don’t have a big bad for this season, unless you count Kai as being one or perhaps even Patience. Not having a dangerous threat around the Midnighters has allowed the writing team to focus more on character and relationship development.

Olivia’s annoyance with Lem being able to read her mind is understandable. But after a few drinks and having a heart-to-heart with Madonna, Olivia was able to realize how important true love is and of course, there are always going to be certain issues to work through in a marriage.

I liked how the writers didn’t decide to make Olivia break things off with Lem or continue to distance herself from him. Due to the current resolution of this chapter in their relationship, I am looking forward to knowing why Madonna stole Olivia’s blood. Is someone going to extract Lem’s vampiric influence from it?

While Olivia and Lem have been working on not keeping things secret from each other, Joe hasn’t told his husband Chuy about his demon hunting sessions with Walker. It is obvious Walker feels attracted to Joe. He even kissed the angel to create a diversion (or so he said). He was about to kiss Joe again when they were washing off demonic blood from their bodies.

Walker knows Joe is married and I don’t like the mortal demon hunter making moves on him. Also, Joe is to blame as well. He needs to set some ground rules and let Walker know he isn’t interested. Joe can’t continue flirting with Walker and then expect him not go in for a kiss.

I just hope the writers don’t make Walker crazy and have him attack Chuy so he can be with Joe.

‘To Witch Hell and Back’ showed Rev deciding to go to curse-breaker Kai. Rev’s curse of being a weretiger is something he is okay living without. It was only a matter of time before he went to Kai for help. Even though I didn’t want Rev to leave Midnight, I was happy to see him feel free.

Also, the scene where Fiji decided to break up with Bobo was heartbreaking. Bobo isn’t going to stop loving Fiji. It will be interesting to see if breaking up is going to keep him safe from the curse.

Midnight, Texas isn’t a perfect show. However, it is enjoyable. Here’s to hoping more people decide to watch it. The ratings haven’t been great for the second season. I don’t want this series to get canceled.

Some thoughts and questions

  • Do you think Patience is actually falling for Manfred or is it a trick?
  • I get there are budgetary concerns with having a CG tiger whenever the Rev transforms. I do think the writers should make him into the type of weretiger where he gets fangs and claws as well as a few tiger stripes while retaining a humanoid shape so the show can still have him on the screen and not worry about CG expenses.
  • Any thoughts about what Madonna is up to?
  • Of course, Chuy (a demon) watches Queer Eye to keep himself calm.
  • Manfred’s trip to Witch Hell was intense.

What did you think of Midnight, Texas this week? Did you enjoy ‘To Witch Hell and Back’? Let us now.

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