Ms. Marvel Issue 16 Addresses Zoe and Nakia’s Relationship

Ms. Marvel Issue 16 Zoe Kamala Nakia Marvel

Not only did Ms. Marvel Issue 16 teach Kamala Khan a valuable lesson, it also ushered in a new beginning for Nakia and Zoe’s relationship.

While Kamala Khan is an interesting lead, her solo series is made more enjoyable through her friends and the supporting cast. It’s fun to see Kamala’s friends also grow along with her as characters, and Ms. Marvel Issue 16 “Damage Per Second” Part 3 of 4 did just that.

The current story arc focuses on an antagonist that Kamala can’t punch and call it a day. She’s up against a virus that learns and keeps on growing. This issue was important for Kamala because she realized that keeping her superhero identity wasn’t worth endangering innocent lives.

G. Willow Wilson also gave us a quick interaction between Kamala and Bruno. I know Bruno’s still mad and doesn’t want anything to do with her, but we all know the bond between the two childhood friends is unbreakable.

Coming to Nakia and Zoe, we found out about Zoe’s feelings a few issues back. Of course, I’ve been looking forward to how G. Willow would handle those two. There was a lot of awkwardness (amplified by Takeshi Miyazawa’s art) in the conversation that Ms. Marvel had with Zoe and the one Zoe had with Nakia. It was expected as Zoe has changed a lot throughout the series and is dealing with a true version of herself.

Ms. Marvel Issue 16 Zoe Nakia Kamala Marvel Comics

I liked how Nakia handled the situation. She isn’t in love with Zoe romantically, but she’s still in awe of her character growth. Zoe learned to be true to herself and transformed from a bullying cheerleader to a better person. I’m glad that there wasn’t any forced drama between the two girls and that their bond grew stronger after Zoe told Nakia how she felt.

The next issue will conclude the “Damage Per Second” arc and I’m looking forward to seeing how Ms. Marvel will defeat an ever-growing computer virus. Also, cheers to all the awesome young drama that G. Willow Wilson adds to the story without it feeling boring and forced.

Have you read Ms. Marvel Issue 16? What do you think of Zoe and Nakia’s relationship? Let us know.

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