My Hero Academia 6×04 Review: “Inheritance”

Inheritance My Hero Academia

As much as the world isn’t black and white, when heroes and villains battle, it isn’t always simple that good will win. Case in point, “Inheritance”, where we see that despite the power of the heroes, the battle isn’t won yet.

What we learned in “Inheritance” should chill you to the bone. If you’re not nervous for our heroes after this episode, you haven’t been paying attention. The knowledge that All For One only had the copy of his Quirk when fighting All Might, and that Shigaraki has the original? How could they ever hope to defeat Shigaraki, if that’s the case? Their only chance is that he doesn’t revive.

Mirko spent this entire episode proving why she’s the number five hero. Even after basically losing an arm in “One’s Justice”, she kept going. She took a beating in this episode and refused to quit, because she knew that if they didn’t stop Shigaraki from waking up, they are all doomed. Her injuries were brutal and shown in gory detail, but she didn’t let that stop her.

Unfortunately, despite her efforts – and Present Mic showing up to finish the job (and give Garaki a well-deserved punch to the face) – at the very end of the episode, we see that a spark from the damaged wiring has woken Shigaraki up. The transfer may not have been one hundred percent complete, but this is still a very dangerous man. I hope you were paying attention when Garaki started talking about his Quirk Singularity Doomsday theory. The basic premise is that Quirks will eventually grow too powerful to stop. It’s not a coincidence that this gets brought up again in “Inheritance”.

Also, I hope none of you got attached to X-Less in his brief appearance, because there is no way he is surviving now that Shigaraki is awake.

The intelligence of the high-end Nomus is terrifying, particularly when you consider that these were made from dead bodies. So not only was Garaki able to re-animate dead bodies, he was able to give them considerable intelligence. The female Nomu is able to quickly determine Aizawa’s Quirk and how best to avoid it. Every single Nomu that they are currently fighting has that same level of ability. After Aizawa and Endeavor’s team-up in previous episodes managing to easily take down the lower-end Nomus, it’s clear that these will be more of a challenge.

Inheritance My Hero Academia

It may seem odd to open “Inheritance” with a voiceover by Tokoyami, but it makes sense when you consider that Hawks was Tokoyami’s first mentor. Now Hawks is in trouble from the very thing he warned Tokoyami could best him – fire. Not just fire, but Dabi’s blue flames.

(Side note: knowing that growing up, Hawks idolized Endeavor, considering his weakness to fire… Also, little Hawks with his plushie was just too adorable. The solemn way he accepted this serious mission at such a young age. It does weird things to my heart.)

I think it’s pretty obvious that Dabi isn’t just another villain. Hawks confirms that he had to look into each member of the League, and he couldn’t find anything on Dabi’s background. That should be suspicious enough, but there’s also the fact that Dabi knows Hawks’ real name, which shouldn’t be possible. It points to a potential spy within the Safety Commission, or some other connection.

Now, I hope you all caught that moment during Dabi and Hawks’ fight where Dabi clearly told Hawks his real name. It was muted, because of course it was, but given the way Hawks reacted, this knowledge is a bomb. So who is Dabi? Is he someone who was presumed to be dead, the way Kurogiri turned out to be Aizawa and Mic’s friend? Perhaps he is someone who everyone thought was going to be a hero? Is he a relative no one knew about?

We’re clearly going to have to wait to find out. In true anime fashion, this is likely being saved for the most dramatic moment possible.

Author: Jamie Sugah

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