Naruto Shippuden 18×405 Review: The Imprisoned Pair


If you aren’t watching the current Naruto Shippuden filler, then you are certainly missing out, because it has to be one of the best filler ever in the series! The writers put focus on the secondary character Tenten and her insecurity regarding her ninja skills compared to her teammates Neji and Lee. I’ve always found Tenten quite interesting, and it was great to watch a story about her.

Compared to the rest of the young ninjas from the Hidden Leaf Village, Tenten doesn’t strike out as the most powerful. She has no secret jutsu nor comes from a well-known family of ninjas. In a sense, she’s similar to Sakura Haruno because both worked hard to develop their ninja skills.

While Might Guy comes across as a teacher who doesn’t take things seriously, he played a vital role in urging Tenten to never give up on growing strong. I liked how Guy’s personality changed during his interactions with Tenten. He’s one of the finest ninjas in the world, and it was great to see that he could give wise advice.

11081378_372475076269633_4891035597349991475_nTenten’s skills as a ninja focus on supporting her team. She has a natural knack for summoning various items. She can summon any kind of weapon in an instant or even food, etc. Not only that, she’s also a genius when it comes to mastering ninja weapons. This week’s episode, “The Imprisoned Pair”, focused on Tenten’s ability to summon an ocean. It was Might Guy who gave her the idea. It was awesome to see her having confidence in her training, which led her to summon a lot of seawater to escape the ruins she was trapped in. This move would be almost unbeatable during a battle!

As the current filler is about the Chunin Exams, Tenten’s team also interacted with a team from the Hidden Rain. One of the members of the Hidden Rain team was named Ajisai. She had ninja skills similar to Tenten’s, though she summoned items through small pieces of paper rather than scrolls like the female ninja from the Hidden Leaf. She also had an animal she could summon. I would like to see Tenten and Ajisai battle it out in the third round of the exams. The whole thing would come down to who’s faster in the summoning technique and knowing exactly what items to use to counter an opponent’s attack.

The episode also talked about the troubles smaller areas, like the Hidden Rain, had to face when big nations went to war with each other. Smaller villages would become battlefields or have their resources taken away, and no one would come help them after the war.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Naruto Shippuden, “The Imprisoned Pair”? Did you enjoy knowing more about Tenten? Let us know!

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