Naruto x 697 Review: Naruto and Sasuke 4


It seems the ultimate battle between Naruto and Sasuke will hopefully be coming to an end by next week. I mean, how much more can Kishimoto drag this out? Right now, I’m just waiting for the final chapter of the series.

Last week, both young ninjas attacked each other with their most powerful attacks. This week’s chapter showed the attacks colliding and the impact took a toll on the ninjas. The explosion was so massive that Kakashi felt it even though he was miles away from the battle, with Sakura. I liked how the attacks exhausted the two ninjas and they were trying their hardest to stand up and continue fighting. I was waiting for some hand-to-hand combat ever since the battle started and Kishimoto delivered this week even though the two ninjas were finding it hard to breathe, let alone throw a punch.

The hand-to-hand combat was easily the highlight of the chapter and I really wanted to see more of it. I can’t wait to see those panels come to life in the anime. Both ninjas used their brains during the fight and countered each other’s attacks perfectly. I’m not worried about Naruto dying, but I felt bad seeing him being brutally beaten up during the fight. Even Kurama’s attempt to give him some chakra didn’t work and Sasuke ended up absorbing all of it.


Sakura finally got rid of the genjutsu Sasuke put her in and I don’t know why Kakashi didn’t wake up her up sooner. Isn’t breaking genjutsu supposed to be easy in the Naruto Universe if someone else just displaces the chakra in their body? Either Sasuke’s power was too great to break out of or Kishimoto deliberately let Sakura sleep and stay on the sidelines during the battle. Will she go and try to help Naruto now that she’s awake? Who knows!

Though the chapter was able to give me some enjoyable fighting panels, I still have my doubts about how Naruto will be able to defeat Sasuke. Those two haven’t come any closer to understanding each other. With the Naruto manga series coming to an end, how will Kishimoto make those two stop fighting? Even though I’ve wanted Sasuke to die for a long time, I know that won’t be happening because he will be featured in The Last: Naruto the Movie. How can Sasuke decide not to kill Naruto, and release the ninjas trapped in the Ultimate Tsukyomi in just a couple of chapters?

What did you think of this week’s chapter of Naruto? How will the battle end? Let us know!

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