New Character Trailer Released for Upcoming Game “Curse of the Sea Rats”!

Curse of the Sea Rats Game 2023 characters
Curse of the Sea Rats (Image: PR/PQube/Petoons Studio)

PQube and developer Petoons Studio have released the latest character trailer for the upcoming “ratoidvania” adventure game Curse of the Sea Rats. I really want to play this one!

I talked about Curse of the Sea Rats back in August 2019. So, I’m glad to receive more information about such an interesting title. Going over the promotional material, the team seems to have improved a lot of things.

Curse of the Sea Rats is planning an early 2023 release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One in early 2023. The upcoming hand-animated title is about a crew being turned into rats by a pirate witch. The story will have players explore a non-linear world (with locales along the 18th-century Irish coast) with gameplay featuring action platforming, unlocking unique abilities, and facing challenging bosses. Local co-op for up to 4 players is available.

The playable characters are David Douglas, Buffalo Calf, Bussa, and Akane Yamakawa. Each character will have individual abilities, skill trees, and play styles.

Here’s the fun trailer!

Let’s talk about the characters!

David Douglas, the swashbuckling sea rat, has been described as an American Settler who joined the Continental Army to fight the British Empire. He is supposed to be a jack of all trades and can fight in a variety of ways. Wielding a cutlass, David has good speed and reach, along with a devastating midair slash. Not only that, but David also has a pistol for strong ranged attacks.

His elemental affinity is fire, allowing him to unlock a range of pyro abilities. Wild Fire buffs spell damage and burns enemies over time. The Flaming Discharge ability shoots a fiery wave causing AoE magic damage. His Blazing Tornado ability allows David to project a huge flamethrower to deal massive amounts of damage.

Next, we have Buffalo Calf, the fierce Cheyenne hunter. A lightning-fast combatant with two daggers, she was captured for sneaking into a British encampment and releasing their horses while the soldiers slept. The daggers can be used for ranged attacks and speedy close-quarters combat.

Buffalo Calf’s elemental affinity is air. She has the ability to infuse her daggers with an electrical charge, providing an added shock bonus to unsuspecting enemies. Her Piercing Storm ability rains a shower of deadly knives from above. And if Buffalo Calf’s able to collect enough spiritual energy, she can summon the mighty Thunderbird to deal heavy magic damage.

curse of the sea rats 2023 game
Curse of the Sea Rats (Image: PR/PQube/Petoons Studio)

Coming to Bussa, the Bajan brawler, he’s from the island of Barbados. Bussa has been described as a fugitive slave that escaped his oppressors to become a rebel leader fighting against those that enslaved him. Bussa is all about close-range fighting. He uses his size to his advantage to ground-slam enemies from above. His immense strength can also be used to block attacks.

Of course, Bussa’s elemental affinity is to Earth, enabling him to cause earthquakes. Heavy Drill causes Bussa to spin rapidly to attack enemies. His Survivor ability allows him to endure an otherwise lethal attack. The Rock Rain ability, as the name implies, calls upon a hail of boulders to come down from the sky.

The fourth member is Akane Yamakawa, the Onna-bugeisha. She’s a trained warrior of the Shogun. Her reach with the naginata allows for mid to long-range combat. She is nimble and acrobatic, with combat focusing on fast sweeping strikes and precise stabs.

Considered the most poised and graceful of the crew, Akane has an elemental affinity to water. The Typhoon ability lets her create a torrent that she uses to launch her forward. The Water Shield deals damage to anyone that gets too close to her. Akane’s Ice Breaker skill grants damage resistance. Water Fall lets her recharge her energy (great for long fights). And with Tsunami, Akane can call upon a terrifying tidal wave to crash down on her enemies.

As someone who also has an affinity for water, when it comes to such things, I’m definitely looking forward to facing enemies with Akane. 

You can go ahead and pre-order the physical editions of Curse of the Sea Rats right now for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 through the official website.

For more information, you can follow PQube on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram, or you can visit

Will you be checking out Curse of the Sea Rats?

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