Boruto x 11 Review: A New Mission

A New Mission Salad Review Boruto Chapter 11

Boruto Chapter 11 “A New Mission” started a new arc for the young heroes but was still lacking in entertainment value.

Being a fan of Naruto I knew that Boruto had a lot to live up to. The manga mentioned Naruto’s shadow in the previous chapter by saying that it was a different story but it has yet to deliver. Coming to the plot of “A New Mission” we see Boruto and his team pursuing three shape-shifting thieves. The action sequence was fun and it showed Salad’s fighting capabilities.

Salad is an interesting character but I’m not digging her new outfit. It feels inappropriate for someone who’s supposed to be twelve or thirteen years old. Salad’s mother, Sakura wasn’t sexualized in Naruto. So, I guess the new manga wants to make her a bit different from her mother by giving her a more revealing outfit. Sigh! She’s just a kid.

I liked that Boruto had a little talk with Sasuke about the seal Momokishi gave him. However, Sasuke should tell Naruto what happened to his son or at least tell Sakura about it. Even though Sasuke is Boruto’s teacher keeping something this important to himself feels wrong to me.

The new antagonist is named Shojoji and he has the ability to turn into the people he has killed. He also has access to their abilities and memories. With the accompanying introduction of the Fire Lord and his son, I suspect that Shojoji has already infiltrated the Hidden Leaf Village.

This chapter also felt like an advertisement for a new trading card game by the name Extreme Ninja Scrolls. There were too many panels showing Boruto wanting a special trading he wanted. I won’t be surprised if Extreme Ninja Scrolls become available at retail stores. They might already be out in Japan.

Anyway, not much happened in “A New Mission”. It felt like a setup for things to come. So, let’s see what Boruto has to offer to fans in the next issue, especially the ones who grew up with Naruto.

Did you read Boruto Chapter 11 “A New Mission”? What did you think? Let us know.

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3 thoughts on “Boruto x 11 Review: A New Mission

  1. They have Sarada dressed like a run of the mill hooker. No joke. I hope they change this.

    1. Yup! Agreed. Her outfit was totally fine in the Boruto movie. There was no really no reason for them to change it up. The new outfit is so cringy. She’s like 12!

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