Not So Fast Disney+! Netflix Has the Breaking Bad Movie

el camino breaking bad movie

The hot news of the weekend has been coming out of D23 – especially all the new Disney+ content. But Netflix, not keen on being seen as the streaming service of yesterday, dropped the trailer for the upcoming Breaking Bad movie, El Camino.

The Breaking Bad movie has been kept incredibly quiet for many months (if not years), with only a small hint that something was up a couple months ago, when Aaron Paul and Bryan Craston tweeted some random pictures of mules with the word “soon.”  Fandom was quick to try to unravel the mystery, with many assuming either a new season or an actual Breaking Bad movie was in the works.  Something was certainly going on, but no official news was coming out.  Nobody knew for sure what it meant, until now.

The release date is incredibly close, too.  El Camino is scheduled to drop on Netflix on October 11th, which is just a little over 7 weeks from now.  It’s also conveniently one month before all that glorious Disney+ content drops, which means people who are fed up with Netflix’s frequent rate hikes and cancellation of quality programming can drop it after watching El Camino and jump right on over to Disney+.

breaking bad movieSetting aside the streaming service showdown, I’m ridiculously excited about El Camino.  I’m somewhat late to the party with Breaking Bad, having just binged the entire show back in 2017 (yeah, I know, where the hell was I all those years??).  But it’s honestly one of the highest quality shows I’ve ever watched.  If you haven’t watched it, you’re truly missing out, and you’ve got about 7 weeks to catch up on 62 episodes, which is totally doable for most of us.

It’s different from the usual programming we cover over here at The Geekiary.  It’s not exactly a genre show.  There’s no spaceships or magical creatures or superheroes.  That might be why I waited so long to give it a watch.  I tend to get stuck in my genre media and rarely climb out of it.  A show about a high school teacher turned meth cooker didn’t exactly sound like my thing.  But I was wrong, guys.  I was so wrong.  Trust me.  Give this show a shot.

I’m not sure if this is going to be enough to save Netflix in the future streaming war to come.  Netflix has some high quality content like Stranger Things, but they also keep renewing unfortunately offensive content like 13 Reasons Why while they cancel LGBTQ+ content like Sense8 and The OAAnd they keep hiking their prices, too, which just sucks.

Frankly, there’s a lot to be super mad about and I’m ready to move on from it.  But I’ll wait until after October 11th before firing the gun on that one.  Because let’s be real, El Camino is worth sticking around just a bit longer for.  But they’re going to really have to turn around their renewal and cancellation patterns if they want to keep us around after that.  Stranger Things and Mindhunter are basically the only shows they haven’t cancelled yet that I’m still interested in, and that doesn’t justify an ongoing subscription on its own.

Author: Angel Wilson

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