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  • Adult Website xHamster Offers Home to “Sense8” Season 3

    Even though Netflix took back its decision to cancel Sense8 and is giving it a 2-hour special, adult website xHamster is more than willing to give Sense8 a home for a full third season. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • Sense8 is Cancelled at the Start of Pride Month, Everything is Awful

    Sense8 is cancelled.  Everything sucks. We might as well just go back to sleep. The news that Sense8 is cancelled has hit many fans hard.  The popular Netflix show has showcased incredible representation for women, POC, and LGBTQ+ people worldwide.  In a quote from The Hollywood Reporter, Cindy Holland, Netflix’s vice president of original content, said […]

  • Review: In Season 2 Sense8 Really Hit Its Stride

    Netflix’s lovably bonkers sci-fi show Sense8 is back for a second season and it’s even better than the first. Gone is the lagging mess of complicated exposition that bogged down Season 1. Season 2 of Sense8 is sincere, sexy, and super fun. WARNING SPOILERS BEYOND! -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in […]

  • Sense8: A Christmas Special Review

    There’s something about Sense8 that tickles every one of a fangirl’s fantasies, and the release of a holiday episode ticks another box. The unconditional joy I feel when watching Sense8 makes it difficult to review. Most of the prevailing issues found in Season One are still there, in fact they are worse in some ways, […]

  • Capheus Has Been Recast in Sense8! What Happened?

    In 2015 the Wachowski siblings and J. Michael Straczynski gifted the world with a wonderful Netflix program called Sense8. And while fans are eagerly waiting for the release of season two, they will have to accept a major character being recast when the show returns. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in […]

  • Favorite LGBTQ+ Moments in Geek Culture 2015

    It’s been an amazing year for LGBTQ+ people in geek culture.  Every year seems better than the last in regards to representation and, while we have a long way to go before non-heteronormative characters are as mainstream as heterosexual ones, we’ve made some amazing strides in the past twelve months.  Here are some of our […]

  • Our Favorite Female Characters in Geek Culture 2015

    2015 was a great year for fictional women, and there were so many amazing ones to choose from! But we have to narrow them down to a few favorites to highlight. Here are The Geekiary’s Favorite Female Characters in Geek Culture 2015! Agent Peggy Carter Nominated by: Undie Girl Peggy Carter stole our hearts in Captain […]