The Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Board Game Looks Amazing!

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Board Game Power Rangers Board Game

The upcoming Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game looks amazing. The Kickstarter campaign has been very successful, and backers can continue to support the campaign for this Power Rangers board game to unlock further goodies!

It has been a couple of wonderful news-filled days for fans of the Power Rangers franchise, and there is also a board game to look forward to. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game meant for 2-5 players. The mission is to save Angel Grove from Rita Repulsa’s army of monsters. As being a Ranger is about working together, the Power Rangers board game has also been designed by Jonathan Ying to function in a similar manner.

Players can select which Mighty Morphin Power Ranger they wish to play as. Each Ranger has a unique combat deck that represents their special skills and fighting style. Each Ranger also has their own unique ability which adds another element to gameplay.

For example, the Yellow Ranger’s ‘Tenacity’ ability allows you to shuffle 1 card from the Discard pile to your combat pile. The Pink Ranger’s ‘First Strike’ ability allows you to deal 1 damage to any enemy at the beginning of each battle.

During this Power Rangers board game, you will need to protect four combat zones as Rita Repulsa targets them by using her army of monsters. The random nature of the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game allows for a lot of replayability.

As the Ranger team defeats their enemies and progress, they are able to unlock Zord cards which give them more abilities to use. Getting all of the Zord cards then unlocks the Megazord!

Beating the game’s Master character ends the game.

Here’s is the cast of Power Rangers HyperForce playing the Heroes of the Grid board game. The entire thing looks amazing!

The things which can be unlocked include the Red Ranger Dragon Shield, Goldar, and the Hero Ranger Slayer (which is my favorite because it is an awesome-looking Kimberly from the future).

You can head on over to the Kickstarter to support the Heroes of the Grid board game.

Are you excited about the Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid board game? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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