San Diego Comic Con: “Teen Wolf” Panel Highlights


For those of you who couldn’t make it to San Diego this year, we’ve got the scoop from the Teen Wolf panel right here! The Geekiary live-tweeted the panel, which took place at 3:30pm Pacific, so look no further for the details than right here! Also, these photos were taken live at the event so please be patient until we get clearer images uploaded.  (Update: Teen Wolf Panel Photos)

The biggest news to come out of Teen Wolf panel is that the show has been renewed for a fifth season with 20 episodes! Along with this, Dylan Sprayberry, who plays the newly turned werewolf Liam, will become a series regular next season. Jeff Davis claimed that the road to accepting his new abilities will be a rocky one for Liam though he’s not the only one facing a hard road ahead. Stiles and Malia, otherwise known as Stalia, will also be struggling through their relationship in upcoming episodes.


Nonetheless, Shelley Hennig (Malia Tate) enjoys their dichotomy, especially the fact that Malia is “the big spoon.” She also claimed that Malia brings a sense of “honesty” to the show. We can’t argue that she adds to the woman power this season. Holland Roden (Lydia), who was a Women’s Studies major in college, is proud of the fact that half the characters on Teen Wolf are women. We’re also excited by the fact that viewers will get to see more backstory into Lydia’s family and her banshee powers, along with Lydia finally having some “romantic freedom”!

Derek Hale, according to Tyler Hoechlin, meanwhile, will have to struggle with the apparent loss of his powers in upcoming episodes. Another mystery that has been bothering Teen Wolf fans is the disappearance of fan-favorite Danny. Jeff Davis promised the audience that we have not seen the last of him!

In terms of heartwarming panel moments, Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) was asked a question by a young girl who was crying at the microphone. He responded by signing his name card, giving it to her and giving her a hug! Tyler Posey (Scott) admitted that he hadn’t considered the importance of being a lead person of color in a TV show but is now proud of how this has inspired people. He claimed, “All I ever want to do is inspire people.”


Of course, shipping was discussed, in a light-hearted manner. Holland joked that she ships Chris Argent and Coach, dubbing the couple: “Coachent.” But shippers may have reason to celebrate: Jeff Davis hinted that there’s “lots of talk in the writers’ room about Sheriff Stilinski/Melissa McCall.”

Were you at the Teen Wolf panel today? Tell us what you thought! And keep checking back at The Geekiary for more updates from San Diego Comic-Con!


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6 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con: “Teen Wolf” Panel Highlights

  1. so TW S5 will be getting 20 episodes…can’t say im excited about that cos we all know how well S3 A&B turned out…nothing really came out that would catch my interest…Liam will become a series regular…like every other new character that popped up in S3: Kira, Malia

    Compared to the Penny Dreadful panel, this one was just ‘meh’…i mean, Liam could’ve easily been gay or a bisexual character and it wouldn’t have messed up with any of his story we have seen this season…but i guess MTV or Jeff or everyone involved in making the show have a policy about not having any non-straight characters as regulars or in the lead

    as for Danny being back…if he doesn’t show up in S4 and ends up coming back for S5, chances are Jeff did that cos of the fandom reaction…remember how Braeden came back when fandom started to talk about POC women dying? without any explanation about how she could remain human after being slashed by a alpha?

    and yes Mellisa and Stinlinski are fine to talk about at length in the writers room cos it’s a hetero pairing…any hetero pairing can be talked about in the writers room and have the possibility of becoming canon…life…sigh!

    1. you’re 100% right on all of these points and danny is not in season 4 at all, they finished filming and it was confirmed by 2 cast members, one who is good friends with keahu that he wasn’t in it. so jeff is clearly trying to save himself and bring danny back due to the fan reactions.

  2. Soooo, the season tailor made for Danny they don’t use him…I agree Danny was side-lined and Jeff kept him on ice depending on fan reaction, which if TW PR team knew what they were doing at all, would have already predicted the backlash.
    So far what I’ve heard does not have my frothing to see TW…basically coz I don’t trust them to deliver. I’m excited to see Lydia and Derek’s story…if they do it righ, coz let’s face it, they say what they think we want to hear and then reality is different.
    As for talk in the writers room? Please…from the bits and pieces we get, MTV should do a reality show on what goes on in there, coz it appears to be complete chaos that is starting to hurt the show. Frankly with all the off-show debacles happening it needs to be epic on screen to hold my attention, so far color me underwhelmed.

    1. Haha…love your idea of MTV doing a reality TV show about what happens in TW writers room, how they handle the series, how they try to ignore fan reactions, and the PR coming up with things that are offensive..would be very entertaining..a show about making a show 🙂

  3. Oh and I forgot, it seems only 1 or 2 characters can get a story line per season, coz what exactly is Stiles’s storyline this season? So far it seems being Malia “little spoon” and CONSTANTLY apologising for her behaviour is it. It would be nice to see him dealing with the aftermath of being void.

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