Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×24 Review – Boruto and Sarada

boruto anime review boruto and sarada

I was wondering where the anime would head after concluding the Naruto Gaiden arc. With how things went in ‘Boruto and Sarada’ I think the series won’t disappoint.

The anime adaptation of Naruto Gaiden was very enjoyable, focusing on the current Uchiha family. However, ‘Boruto and Sarada’ brought the focus back to Boruto. If the writers are able to develop Salad as well along the way, I think this anime series will continue being enjoyable even if it takes its time to reach the events in the manga.

It’s revealed that Salad hasn’t told anyone about her awakened Sharingan. Only Chocho knows and that’s because it happened in front of her. I understand Salad wanting to keep it a secret. The Sharingan is powerful and even Sakura asked her daughter not to reveal it because she might be targeted again.

One of the most enjoyable developments in ‘Boruto and Sarada’ was letting the audience know that Salad had a devilish side. It made me remember how Sakura used to have an Inner Sakura, a personality that was so strong it was like she had two minds. Sakura grew out of it and it’ll be interesting to see what happens to Salad’s devilish nature.

Another thing I like about this series is the friendship between Chocho and Salad. While the Naruto series had the rivalry between Sakura and Ino due to Sasuke, Chocho and Salad don’t have to deal with their friendship deteriorating due to the same love interest. It’s refreshing to see the two little girls train together without any boy-related drama thrown in.

‘Boruto and Sarada’ also showed the Five Kage Summit. It was fun to see each Kage making an over-the-top entrance. I also liked how Gaara and Naruto defended the current generation, saying that it had potential to surpass them.

There was also a scene where Konohamaru told Salad that Boruto might want to become a Hokage like her. While Konohamaru supports his assumption by relating Boruto’s behavior to his own, we’ll soon find out what Boruto wants to become and it has nothing to do with being a Hokage, yet.

Speaking of Konohamaru, I’m worried about him because of what happened in the latest manga chapter.

Did you watch Boruto this week? What did you think of ‘Boruto and Sarada’? Let us know.


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