Silk #3 Review: Cat Fight


Marvel lied to me and said we would get Silk on April 15th.  I was disappointed to have to wait until April 29th.  It was well worth the wait, however.  In the third issue, Silk once again faces the “Pokémon Dude” from Issue One.  This time she also refers to him as “Puff the Jerk-Store Dragon.”  She keeps wailing on him until he begs her to stop.  Which she does, admitting she got a bit carried away.  He has a sob story that she doesn’t quite believe, but decides to help him out anyway.

We find out the Dragon-Guy was working for Black Cat.  Silk has met her before and is “Not a fan.”  Naturally, Black Cat shows up and wants to get a piece of Silk too.  It’s not really Cindy’s lucky day.  Black Cat calls her bad and bad for business, to which Silk returns with my favorite line of the issue, “Thanks for the Rage-O-Gram. I feel bad, I didn’t get you anything.”  I really love Cindy’s sarcasm and sense of humor.

The last two pages of the comic feature Spider-Man and a group of costumed crime fighters.  Spoiler alert: they’re not the Avengers!  Spider-Man is worried about Cindy, but she says if he wants to help her, he should “…go away. Forever.” This is, of course, why he brings back up.  Let’s just say the last page has me very excited about Issue Four.

Once again Robbie Thompson really delivers.  He gives us a woman who is easy for many of us to identify with in a number of ways.  I found myself thinking as I read this latest issue, ‘Wow, with her sarcasm and sense of humor, she really could be a comic book version of me!’ And that’s the kind of thing I like to see. Someone that I, as a geeky woman full of references, can relate to.  She’s funny, she’s intelligent, quick-witted, fun, and as I had tweeted to Thompson yesterday, quite endearing.  She’s a shining example of a well-written female comic book character.  Thank you, Robbie, I can’t wait to see what adventures Cindy Moon goes on next!

Author: Jessica Rae

Jessica has a BA in music with an emphasis in voice and spends her day typesetting, editing, writing, and moderating webinars. Jessica primarily reviews anime and comic book series. She also offers insights on various movies, books, games, and other geeky topics.


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