Stephen Amell Spotlight at NYCC: Superheroes on TV, Season 3 Teases — and surprise guest


Star of the CW’s Arrow Stephen Amell was at New York Comic Con for a special spotlight panel on Saturday afternoon. Speaking to a jam-packed room, the actor shared his thoughts on playing Arrow, the workings behind the show, comic book characters, superheroes on television, and dropped some teasers about what’s coming up in season 3 of Arrow.

Warning: spoilers for the Arrow season premiere.

a4Addressing the death of Sara Lance, the Black Canary, in season 3’s opener, Stephen Amell sought to reassure fans, “no one is a bigger Caity Lotz fan than I am.” We already know from producer Marc Guggenheim speaking to Entertaiment Weekly that we’ll be seeing more of Sara in flashbacks, and that Nyssa will return to play a big role in the aftermath of Sara’s death.

Hinting more about what’s next in season 3, Amell says episode 3.09, will “take cliffhangers to another level.” He also shared some details about a fight scene that is  the “biggest” they’ve ever filmed (although it’s between only 2 people), involving swords rather than the usual bows and arrows, and a shirtless Oliver.

Regarding John Barrowman, who returns to season 3 as a regular portraying villain Malcolm Merlyn, Amell mentioned Barrowman’s playful persona on set. “Merlyn is a very different person than John is by himself.” He added that acting with John Barrowman “has been one of…the highlights of this third season so far.” He also revealed that Oliver won’t be very happy when he finds out what his sister Thea has been up to while hanging out with her biological father.

Along with Sara’s death, the season premiere also shook things up as Felicity and Oliver went out on a date (which, of course, is interrupted by Starling City mayhem). Amell talked about enjoying the flow of the dinner scene, which didn’t have “a lot of cuts, it just let that scene play.” He also talked about his fondness for the show’s use of callbacks and continuity, such as the red pen Felicity Smoak had when she and Oliver first met.

Regarding Laurel Lance, Amell said Laurel will have a “definitive, set purpose” in season 3. He discussed how Laurel started “on the periphery,” but then was “brought into the fold,” and that she’ll have a major role to play in season 3.

Amell discussed Moira’s death as being difficult to film, emotionally and physically. Because Oliver was already established as capable of breaking free of bonds, Amell asked to be tied up extra tightly, so that he would have to really struggle trying to break free.

A fan asked where the heroes get their costumes in Starling City, since they can’t just be bought in a store, and Amell joked “there are some things better left unexamined.” He then asked, “where’s Diggle’s costume?” He revealed that both Starling City and Central City having a lot of costumed superheroes will be an important theme. Regarding John Diggle, who was created for the tv series, Amell said “can you imagine a Green Arrow universe that doesn’t include Diggle?”

a1With Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and more shows on the way, the actor said we’ve “entered a golden age of comic book properties on television.” Amell doesn’t view The Flash and Arrow as “competition,” explaining that The Flash was already a widely beloved character, and that people also have trust in the same creative team who are behind the success of Arrow.

On the dynamic between Arrow and Arsenal, Roy Harper, Amell said that he enjoys playing Ollie in something of “a paternal mode,” and with Barry Allen’s The Flash, as a “curmudgeonly” older mentor/hero figure.

When Amell said “I miss Tommy,” Colin Donnell, who was not scheduled to appear, surprised fans by joining Stephen Amell on stage, much to the delight of fans. The two teased an upcoming flashback episode where Oliver and Tommy Merlyn encounter each other in Hong Kong.

Season 3 of Arrow continues on the CW on Wednesday, 8/7c. Have thoughts on what’s coming up this season on Arrow or superhero shows on TV? Share with us in the comments.

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