Storm Comes To Marvel Strike Force Mobile Game! But Is She Any Good?

Storm Marvel Strike Force Game Ororo Munroe review

A brand new ‘Eye of the Storm’ event campaign brings Ororo Munroe to Marvel Strike Force. You can go ahead and collect Storm shards to recruit the weather controlling mutant or you can pay real money to make her part of your team earlier.

Since the worldwide launch of Marvel Strike Force on March 28, 2018, I have been waiting for Storm to appear in the game and the day has finally come. After giving fans Wolverine, Cable, Deadpool, and the Scarlet Witch, the ‘Eye of the Storm’ event campaign adds Ororo to the list of playable mutant characters.

The design team has done an amazing job with her in Marvel Strike Force. I love the links to her African heritage. Ororo’s skill set is also interesting. Her powers might be changed down the line to create a more balanced gameplay experience, but for now, she is a good character to have if you like playing with a team made of X-Men and X-Force members.

Her basic attack is called Shocking Blow which makes her leap forward and deliver a lightning-infused strike to an enemy. The ability also provides Storm with a Charge. When Charged, Shocking Blow is able to chain damage to other nearby enemies.

Ice Storm is her second (Special) ability through which she summons an ice storm to deal damage and slow down her opponents. If charged, this ability has a chance to stun. This undodgeable attack hits every enemy in the battlefield. Ororo loses a charge after using this power.

Storm of the Century is a heavy (Ultimate) attack. The damage depends on the number of charges she has. It is a devastating attack and can help you clear the entire battlefield when fully charged. Of course, charges are lost after you use it.

Ride the Wind is a passive ability which has a chance to give Hero Mutant teammates an assist on every attack, and a chance to gain Speed Up every time Storm takes a turn.

While I am a fan of Storm, I have to be unbiased when reviewing the character in Marvel Strike Force. So, here it is!

She doesn’t have a lot of defense and requires protection from other teammates. Also, her Ice Storm and Strom of the Century attacks have a lengthy cooldown. If things aren’t changed, I don’t see much use for her in-game except for Raids where battles are long enough for you to stack charges and then unleash an incredibly powerful attack.

Are you a fan of Marvel Strike Force? Let us know.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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