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  • Our Favorite Female Characters in Geek Culture 2015

    2015 was a great year for fictional women, and there were so many amazing ones to choose from! But we have to narrow them down to a few favorites to highlight. Here are The Geekiary’s Favorite Female Characters in Geek Culture 2015! Agent Peggy Carter Nominated by: Undie Girl Peggy Carter stole our hearts in Captain […]

  • ‘Wayward Daughters’ Is The ‘Supernatural’ Spin Off We Need

    Wayward Daughters After the ill-fated attempt at creating a Supernatural spin off with ‘Bloodlines’, the CW has expressed interest in taking another shot at creating a series that takes place in the same universe as the popular horror-themed drama. There’s no word yet on what their next attempt will be, but fans have plenty of […]

  • Why Claire Novak is Important

    I asked my Twitter followers why Claire Novak was important to them and ultimately why she is important to Supernatural.  There was a huge positive response from people of all ages about what Claire meant to them and what she meant to Castiel, Dean, and Sam and Supernatural in general.  In the time since I’ve […]

  • Supernatural 10×20 Review: Angel Heart

    I know I gush over Robbie Thompson a lot, but anyone who has ever watched Supernatural can understand, this episode was just perfect. I want to weep at its beauty like Brendan Fraser in Bedazzled. Suffice to say, “Angel Heart” was aptly titled. Firstly, we were able to see Jimmy Novak for the first time […]

  • Dear Geekiary – Supernatural: Women in Season 10

    Hi! I saw your tweet today and just felt compelled to write something. This is not a question though but an opinion. I hope it’s okay! I’ve noticed some views about season 10 from fans that somewhat bother me. Every time there’s an important female character appearing in an episode this season, some people are […]

  • Supernatural 10×09 Review: The Things We Left Behind

    While this episode didn’t focus primarily on the Winchester brothers, it still managed to propel the overarching plot forward while simultaneously visiting things from seasons past.  The primary plot focused on Castiel and Claire Novak, his vessel’s daughter who we last saw back in season 4 while the secondary plot focused on the ever complicated […]