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  • Empty Orchestra: The Songs of Dean Winchester

    With all of the Supernatural spoilers and news from San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), demon!Dean Winchester seems to be grabbing people’s attention. The sizzle reel, which showed a few clips of the third episode of the 10th season, clearly showed how much the character has changed. If you asked Dean Winchester for his favourite songs, he […]

  • Comic-Con: Supernatural Q&A Teases Season 10

    As Supernatural enters into its tenth season, the show’s diverse fanbase is left torn between anticipation and uncertainty given the challenges facing the characters after season nine’s ‘eye opening’ finale. After Dean is murdered by Metatron then reawakened as a demon in “Do You Believe In Miracles,” we are left with Sam unaware of his […]

  • Supernatural Season 9: A look back

    Season 9 of Supernatural, while uneven in spots and with pacing that often dragged when it meandered from its main arcs, also hit plenty of high notes and landed with a strong set-up for Season 10. Despite its flaws, Supernatural has proven itself an enduring mainstay genre show, both creatively and in the ratings. Season […]

  • Supernatural 9×22 Review: Stairway to Heaven

    This episode seemed to be a litmus test for fans.  If you enjoy the angels and Castiel, you most likely enjoyed the episode.  If you hate Castiel and the angel plot, you were probably extremely angry by it all and (if the mentions to the writers on Twitter are any indication) probably swearing off the […]

  • Supernatural 9×21 Review: King of the Damned

    I enjoyed the majority of this episode, but there were a few moments that made me extremely conflicted and occasionally downright upset. It’s Supernatural, after all, so upsetting us is par for the course, but it’s sad when an episode that could have easily been one of my favorites gets knocked down a few pegs […]

  • Supernatural 9×18 Review: Meta Fiction

    Meta Fiction was jam packed with moments that fans have been looking forward to for weeks.  We started right out of the gate with Dean’s highly anticipated shower scene that had fandom worked up since the promo first aired. This was followed a few moments later by Castiel gracing our screen for the first time […]

  • Supernatural 9×15 Review: Thinman

    It appears that none of the huge issues of this season are troubling neither Sam nor Dean. Life for the Winchesters is seemingly much calmer than in recent years as tonight’s episode of Supernatural has them crossing paths with The Ghostfacers. It’s the same cookie cutter monster-of-the-week episode we’ve seen multiple times this season. Though […]

  • Supernatural: Resolution or Idealization of Winchester Codependency

    Trigger Warning: The following article contains discussion of harmful psychological conditions, and includes a brief reference to eating disorders. While the last Supernatural was primarily a Monster of the Week and fairly unremarkable in a history of similarly formatted stories, the final three minutes of the episode have sparked debate and discussion within the Supernatural […]

  • Supernatural 9×12 Review: Sharp Teeth

    The back end of season 9 has had a marked increase in quality over the first half. The two episodes we’ve had so far have shown progress on many of the issues that I’ve found problematic in the previous episodes and I have high hopes that the show is going to get back on track. […]

  • Supernatural 9×09 Review: Holy Terror

    The Supernatural mid season finale was everything we have come to expect.  That is, painful.  But not in just the way we’re used to. Giving such an important episode to the writing duo of Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, also known for such classics as Route 666 and Man’s Best Friends With Benefits, was a […]