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  • The Unexpected Activism Weapon: K-pop Fans

    America is having a moment right now. Years of frustration over issues of police brutality and racial disparity have culminated in night after night of protests in cities across the country. This period of unrest was immediately triggered by the recent murder of George Floyd.  In the online activism arena a secret weapon has been […]

  • The Geekiary’s Carbon Neutral Convention Challenge

    This year we here at The Geekiary are making it our personal mission to make our major convention travel Carbon Neutral. The first one we’ll be tackling is our biggest event of the year: San Diego Comic-Con. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright […]

  • Progressive Geeks: We Have Work to Do

    So far this website hasn’t made any specific posts about the US Presidential Election (except for highlighting the fabulous Ms. Marvel Get Out the Vote issue) because we’re not really a politics blog – we’re a geek culture blog. A lot of social issues tend to bleed over into geek culture, but in general the Presidential […]

  • Panic, Fear, and the “Election Year”

    Although Michael Bay has producer credit on all three of the Purge franchise films, Election Year is the first one that shows it, and it’s easily the film’s greatest weakness. Between the politicism of the movie and the big, shiny explosions, the former is the more interesting element by far. Make no mistake—The Purge: Election […]