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  • Teen Wolf 5×17 Review: A Credible Threat

    This week’s episode of Teen Wolf answered some questions about the Hellhound, but the identity of the Beast was still left up in the air. Apparently Beacon Hills High School has to play a lacrosse game for charity in ‘A Credible Threat’. Why would any charity host a game in Beacon Hills, especially when people […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×16 Review: Lie Ability

    This episode of Teen Wolf contains part two of the heist undertaken in episode 15, in which the gang rushes to develop a plan B for saving Lydia from Eichen House and the clutches of mad Doctor Valek. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×9 Review: Lies of Omission

    In this episode, the most devastating confrontation is one that involves no bloodshed at all. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy our content in whole to other websites. Linkbacks are encouraged. Copyright © The Geekiary

  • Teen Wolf 5×5 Review: A Novel Approach

    5×5 was a surprisingly artful episode. After a gut-wrenching and gracefully executed teaser, complete with a bloody beautiful death and a positively mesmerizing Dylan O’Brien, we see Stiles’s 911 call rendered as visual sound wave. The distance and objectivity of it only make Stiles’s situation more painful and clear. As Scott informs a very rattled Stiles […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×3 Review: Dreamcatchers

    In true Teen Wolf fashion, we got more questions than actual answers this week as well, and it’s just tiring. The only redeeming quality of “Dreamcatchers” was that it allowed the girls to shine, and I hope to see more of that as the season continues. We need more girl power! I have no idea […]

  • Teen Wolf 5×02 Review: Parasomnia

    Oh, the confusing world of adolescence. The A story: the McCall pack considers the wisdom of inducting a new member while also warming up to their senior year of high school. The B story: a fellow student named Tracy deals with “night terrors” of the distinctly paranormal variety. -Read our before commenting. Do not copy […]

  • Diagnosis Teen Wolf

    A humanoid creature floating in a liquid-filled suspension tube. Three mysterious figures mounting a staircase. An armored hand clenching into a fist. A long needle sinking into a patient’s arm, an eye looking terrified, a bloodied face screaming. A close-up of a black mask with tinted lenses. And, finally, a menacing figure holding a sharp […]

  • Teen Wolf 3×24 Review: The Divine Move

    Wow, that finale was entertaining as hell! Sorry, when something is incredibly enjoyable it’s hard to contain that excitement. And Teen Wolf, despite its problems, is usually pretty damn enjoyable and this episode was a perfect example of that. So much happened, and although though a bunch of questions were left unanswered (this is Teen […]

  • I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

    People watch a television show for different reasons.  Whether it be a certain character or pairing, something clicks inside you and makes you stick around season after season, intent on following the journey.  You find other people who feel the same way you do about that character or pairing and a bond is struck.  You […]

  • Teen Wolf Season 3B Teaser Review: Lose Your Mind

    As many of you might know, Teen Wolf released three new teasers for the second part of Season 3 that will be airing on 6th January, 2014. The tagline for the next 12 episodes is ‘Lose Your Mind’ and judging by the teasers that’s exactly the direction the show is taking. Let’s give each teaser […]