Teen Wolf 3×24 Review: The Divine Move

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Wow, that finale was entertaining as hell! Sorry, when something is incredibly enjoyable it’s hard to contain that excitement. And Teen Wolf, despite its problems, is usually pretty damn enjoyable and this episode was a perfect example of that. So much happened, and although though a bunch of questions were left unanswered (this is Teen Wolf, that’s kind of expected at this stage) it still was damn fun to watch.

Despite the fact that they are all mourning Allison’s death the pack must come together to enact a divine move in order to win the game against the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune attacks the key sites in Beacon Hills: the hospital, the police station, the animal clinic, and finally the high school; leaving Melissa McCall, Sheriff Stilinski, and Alan Deaton all gravely injured. With a little help from Allison (she figure it out), the pack is able to out fox the fox ultimately defeating the Nogitsune, trapping it inside Derek’s magic jar. All is well… until it’s not.

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There is nothing I love more than when the core group of characters have to come together to defeat the season’s big bad. If this happens, I am pretty much willing to forgive everything else because it is just wonderful; it fills my insides with mush. There is no such thing as a lone hero. It takes a village, or in this case a pack, to save the world. There’s a reason the pack is so important within the fandom and that’s because this is a ‘found family’ – a family that they chose. A group of people that individually might not be able to do much, but together they can do anything.

And it really was a group effort – much more so than the finale of 3A. It was Allison who worked out that silver could kill the Oni. It was Chris and Isaac that figured out what Allison was trying to tell them. Derek and the twins were the brawn – the bodyguards. Stiles and Lydia worked out the Nogitsune’s play and Scott and Kira were the ones that ultimately took the monster down. Together. I care so much about these characters and watching them all use their unique skills, as a team, was the best possible way to end the season.

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Void!Stiles was fantastic as always – very scary, with just a little bit of sex appeal (okay a lot of sex appeal). I’m kind of going to miss him, but I’m glad to have regular Stiles back. Speaking of sex appeal, how about the Sheriff and his big gun? That’s the kind of moment I’ve been waiting for since the Sheriff finally found out about the whole supernatural thing.

Before I completely burst with joy, I should probably mention some of the stuff that wasn’t so good. Like the fact that the climax was a little too easy – considering how much build they gave it. I spent much of the episode fearing for Melissa and the Sheriff and they just kind of woke up healed, which was a little too convenient. That said I thought the suspense was done well because I was literally on the edge of my seat – I almost fell off at one stage, it was embarrassing. At one point I might have tried to sell my soul to the devil to save Melissa McCall’s life.

Teen Wolf spent the whole season trying to make us care but even though I tried I just don’t care about Ethan and Aiden, at all. It’s not that I hated their storyline, I get it, it was about redemption and I know they weren’t completely responsible for their actions under Deucalion’s influence. It’s just there’s nothing about them that particularly interested me and all they did was take screen time away from characters I was actually invested in. So when Aiden was dying in Ethan’s arms I just kind of wanted to fast forward. It was pretty void, especially after the emotional impact of Allison’s death, and they dragged it out too long.

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It also seems that Teen Wolf wants to forget that “Echo House” happened as much as we do, because Malia Tate is re-introduced at the end of the ep as though she’s been there all along. There was also a look between Malia and Lydia that I am hoping is the start of a beautiful friendship (maybe more?) and not a hint at a cliché love triangle to come. I just really wish the Eichen House storyline hadn’t happened (it was an unfortunate blemish in an otherwise exceptional season) because it has tainted what should be the addition of an awesome new female character.

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I love love loved the way they showed everyone mourning Allison’s death – particularly the moment between Isaac and Chris. I really like the idea of them coming together over Allison’s loss. And watching Scott crying in his mother’s arms was one of the most heartbreaking moments in a season full of heartbreak. I was a little confused as to why Kira was talking to Lydia about the others like Lydia wasn’t also affected by the loss because I desperately need to see Lydia mourning Allison next season. Let’s not just use Allison’s death to further the male characters; the girls need some angst too.

Derek’s speech about Scott was beautiful and a fantastic conclusion to the development their relationship has received this season. And we FINALLY got to see Stiles and Derek talk to each other… except it was a dream, which is exciting for some because hey Derek is dreaming about Stiles (that’s sure to keep the fan fiction alive during the hiatus). The dream led to the big cliffhanger – the return of Kate Argent, which is enough to pull me back into the show just when my investment was starting to wane.

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Kate Argent is the best villain Teen Wolf has ever had and I am so excited to see what they do for her. Plus her resurrection goes a little way towards rectifying the discrepancy between the number of dead male and female villains. Actually this is a pretty big moment for Teen Wolf because in this finale they killed two male characters (if you count the Nogistune) and resurrected a woman. Don’t say anything though, I don’t want to jinx it.

I’m just so happy Kate Argent is back I’m jumping up and down like small child that got into the cookie jar.

Let’s face it, the best part of the episode was when Danny casually revealed that he knew Ethan was a werewolf. I’m pretty sure I heard the fandom’s collected scream of “we knew it” because there is no way Danny has been standing that close to that many conversations about werewolves without catching on. That’s the kind of in joke/nod to fandom I can get behind.

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“Dude, it’s Beacon Hills” – Danny Mahealani

Well Teen Wolf did the unthinkable with that finale, they actually managed to entice me enough to stick around for another season. But enough about me, what did you guys think?

  • Did you offer to sell your soul for Melissa McCall’s life?
  • Are you happy to see Malia as part of the pack?
  • What do you think about Kate Argent’s return?
  • Do you think Derek’s life could get any worse?

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