Daniel Sharman Leaving Teen Wolf

10154964_771791399499750_1856429361_nBrace yourselves, Isaac fans.  In an exclusive interview with E! News, the actor behind this fan favorite revealed that he had spoken with Jeff Davis and would not be returning to season 4.  But don’t be too sad!  Davis said that Sharman had specifically requested Isaac not be killed off so he would have the option of returning later.

I can’t help but think this is a good thing for the show because season 4 is starting to look crowded as hell!  First we have Mason and Liam, who are rumored to be “Jackson and Danny 2.0”, Garrett, hard-ass Deputy Haigh the new math teacher Ms. Fleming, and a new tough girl Violet.  Not to mention Braeden, who we last saw saving Derek and Peter’s asses in the beginning of 3B, will be returning with an expanded role.  Is your head spinning yet?  Mine sure is!

So what kind of send-off should we expect for Isaac?  Since Sharman asked for the door to be left open for his possible return, perhaps Chris will take him somewhere quiet to recover from the trauma of losing Allison.  Because as we saw in the season finale, Isaac did not appear to be coping with that very well.  He was seen leaving with Chris at the end of the finale.  Is that the last glimpse we will get of him?  Given the bombshell dropped on us in the finale’s final moments, I foresee Chris returning to Beacon Hills, perhaps with an explanation as to Isaac’s whereabouts.  Given Isaac’s pack puppy status amongst fans, they will be chomping at the bit for something about him in the season 4 premiere.

Whatever Daniel Sharman’s future endeavors are, I wish him the best of luck!  During his time on the show, he really tugged at the fans’ heart strings.  When Isaac was in the hospital during 3B, fans tweeted #DearIsaac notes to the official Teen Wolf Twitter account, wishing the character a speedy recovery.  If that isn’t some intense fan love, I don’t know what is!  So what are your thoughts, Teen Wolfers?  Are you heartbroken by this announcement?  Feel free to share your favorite Isaac moments down below and thank you for reading!

Author: Sarah Sue

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4 thoughts on “Daniel Sharman Leaving Teen Wolf

  1. I thought Isaac would die in 3B as well…i guess him leaving is kind of the same thing…who knows, when or if he will be able to return…Chris taking him somewhere to cope does make sense and so does this post 😉 http://scottiemcchottie.tumblr.com/post/80702118503

    I’m not worried about the new characters. Don’t think they would be taking too much screentime from the rest. Maybe a few minutes each episode or in alternate ones…hopefully

    1. I’m a little worried/curious because I’ve always wondered: how far is Davis wanting to take this show? He’s stretching out their high school experience quite a bit. 1 and 2 were their sophomore year, and all of 3 was their junior. The only point of time reference we have for where 3B was was before and after Halloween. And since this season ended in a cliff hanger, things will be pick right where they left off. So what exactly happened when all of them are getting ready to graduate? Does the show end or does Davis pull a Ryan Murphy and have this new bunch of characters he’s introduced take up the mantel?

      1. Don’t think Jeff will risk it…Ryan did it with Glee and it didn’t end well…the logical thing, for me, is to let the original cast graduate and maybe ‘rename’ the series or something like that? I think the creators didn’t know the show would be a success when they decided to use the title Teen Wolf…they can change the title…don’t think fans will stop watching it..who knows ‘rebranding’ the series where the characters have grown older (in their 20’s) might help target a broader audience

        1. I hope that turns out to be the case. I would like to see the gang going to college in a major city like San Francisco. I don’t see the community college idea like Buffy did working when you have wildly intelligent characters like Lydia and Stiles who could have their pick of the top universities.

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