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  • The Expanse 1×6 Review: Rock Bottom

    Another solid episode of The Expanse this week. I do sometimes feel like I am at a disadvantage for not having read the books, but we actually got a lot of answers in “Rock Bottom” so I feel a little better about my knowledge of what is going on. I still find some aspects of […]

  • The Expanse 1×05 Review: Back to the Butcher

    I am a person who appreciates a good slow burn, but I must admit that I’m starting to get frustrated with how slowly The Expanse is unraveling the mystery of what happened to the Scopuli. Every episode reveals a new piece to the puzzle, but the big picture is still just blobs of color, and as much as […]

  • Syfy Renews The Expanse for Season Two

      Fans of the new Syfy space opera can get even more excited: The Expanse has been renewed for a second season! Initially reported by Blastr, Syfy has ordered a full season of 13 episodes to premiere in 2017. The news was confirmed on the official Twitter account for The Expanse. I am so excited […]

  • The Expanse 1×4 Review: CQB

    “CQB” is the best episode of The Expanse so far. I watched it a day early, then watched it again right after it was over–I can’t remember the last time I have done that with an episode of TV. There is just so much going on, but it is surprisingly cohesive, and I am invested […]

  • The Expanse 1×03 Review: Remember the Cant

    The Expanse does a lot of things well. Firstly, this is a science-fiction show that still manages to be completely realistic. There is a nice dash of completely plausible future technology, such as the kind that Miller employs while trying to track Julie’s whereabouts, mixed with current technology, such as the weapons that are used […]

  • The Expanse 1×2 Review: The Big Empty

    Syfy was smart in putting their series premiere of The Expanse over a two night event, because after that incredible cliffhanger in “Dulcinea”, all I have wanted to do is get more of this show. Luckily, we got a lot more story in “The Big Empty” along with another big cliffhanger. I found myself actually […]

  • The Expanse Swag Giveaway!

    We at The Geekiary are loving the new Syfy series The Expanse. Now we want to share with you some of the awesome swag that we have! Enter for a chance to win a prize pack of The Expanse exclusives from New York Comic Con! Please see the details below. The contest ends at midnight on […]

  • The Expanse 1×1 Review: Dulcinea

    I have to admit that I do not do well with television shows set in space. I generally find them too unrealistic and I begin to panic about things that they never address, like claustrophobia or seasonal affective disorder (I really worry about these people of the future!). Throughout my years of really wanting to […]

  • ‘The Expanse’ Press Roundtables New York Comic Con 2015

    Two hundred years in the future, humankind has colonized the galaxy. This is where we join the cast of The Expanse, a new space noir on Syfy. Based on the best-selling books by James S. A. Corey, a diverse cast of characters take us into a story rife with mystery and political intrigue that all centers […]