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  • Star Fox Zero: High Flying Fun

    The anticipation surrounding Star Fox Zero has been enormous. Between the humorous puppet introduction at E3 last year to the beautifully produced animated short last week, Nintendo has pulled out nearly all the stops in promoting the newest entry in one of its most beloved franchises. The question is, did it live up to the […]

  • Nintendo Airs “Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins” Animation

    When does a gaming company team up with the animation studios behind Ghost in the Shell and Attack on Titan? When the gaming company in question wants to absolutely spoil its fans. Today, Nintendo revealed the fourteen minute animated short “Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins” just two days before the release of Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. […]

  • “Twilight Princess HD” Game Review

    Twilight Princess HD was released a week ago, and in that short amount of time it has absolutely consumed me like the Twilight consumed Hyrule. I previously discussed some reasons that this game looked to be worth a gamer’s time, and it has met all of those expectations from me, and more. First and foremost, […]

  • Five Reasons to Get Excited for Twilight Princess HD

    In just a few weeks, Twilight Princess HD will launch for the Wii U. Now, I know that many Nintendo fans are thinking, “Really? Another Zelda remake? Are they just going to remake all of the Zelda games before putting out a new one?” Maybe so, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The release […]