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  • ‘Killing Stalking’ Is Not a Replacement for ‘Yuri on Ice’

    There’s been a recent trend lately by some Yuri on Ice fans to steer others towards the Korean webtoon Killing Stalking.  I find this recommendation misguided. I’m not one who can really judge people who enjoy violent and graphic entertainment.  I’m first and foremost a fan of Hannibal and that’s literally about a guy that eats other people. […]

  • Our Favorite 2016 LGBTQ+ Moments in Geek Culture

    The world is sort of scary right now for members of our community, but there were many wonderful 2016 LGBTQ+ moments for us in geek media this year. We’ve got a tradition here at the Geekiary of chronicling our favorite moments throughout the year as a celebration.  Our 2016 LGBTQ+ Moments in Geek Culture is not […]

  • Unanswered Questions from the Yuri on Ice Finale

    A lot happened in the Yuri on Ice finale and we’ve got to talk about it. First and foremost, the Yuri on Ice finale pair skate was utter perfection, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover. It has thoroughly killed me dead. The fact that Yuuri got silver, while somewhat disappointing, is still a satisfying […]

  • Yuri On Ice New Year’s Eve Gala

    Yuri on Ice may have concluded on December 21st, but we here at the Geekiary aren’t quite done celebrating it.  Please join us for the Yuri On Ice New Year’s Eve Gala! The Yuri On Ice New Year’s Eve Gala is a global event scheduled to take place over the New Year’s weekend. No matter where in the […]

  • An Interview with Johnny Weir: His Thoughts on ‘Yuri on Ice’

    Yuri on Ice has become the unexpected smash hit online; a sports anime that delves into the high-pressure world of competitive figure skating, offers multifaceted characters with believable motivations and flaws, and delicately wove throughout the first season a respectfully handled, beautifully portrayed LGBTQ+ love story.  While the show has all the right elements to […]

  • Love Wins on “Yuri on Ice”, It’s a Victuuri!

    I’m hesitant to just label a queer ship canon.  I’ve been baited far too many times.  But guys, Yuri on Ice has delivered. Since the start of the show, the lead characters of Yuri on Ice have been extraordinarily shippable.  I tend to avoid sports anime because I don’t want to be bombarded with fan […]