The Legend of Korra 4×2 Review: Korra Alone


I was not expecting to the see the events that unfolded in this week’s episode of The Legend of Korra this soon into Book 4: Balance. I thought the writers were going to hold off the character reveal until mid-season. But I’m glad they didn’t because it made the current book more enjoyable for me.

The title of the episode “Korra Alone” is a direct parallel to the “Zukko Alone” episode we got back in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The writers did a good job showing Korra’s current journey as well as flashbacks to what happened to her during the three year time skip. Obviously, she went to Katara to heal herself and I really liked those scenes. Katara is one of my favorite characters from the franchise. She understood that Korra would have to clear her head if she wanted to heal properly. There was a scene where the young Avatar snapped at Katara and the old waterbending master understood where she was coming from. Korra’s in desperate need of finding something meaningful in her life.

k2The episode was all about Korra finding her own way in the world. She’s completely broken and no one can help her except herself. The fact that the whole world seemed to have moved on without her also had an effect. Being the Avatar it’s her responsibility to help the world, but she can’t do it in her current state.

She also kept seeing herself in the Avatar state and that linked to how she lost the earthbending match in the premiere. I was expecting her to fight her Avatar self but in the end, it led her to Toph. Yes, Avatar fans, she’s alive! It was a nice touch that Korra found her in the swamp because if you remember, Aang also had a vision of Toph when he was in the swamp. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Toph helps Korra. I also want a Katara, Toph, and Zuko reunion. And by the way, where’s Sokka? Is he dead? Did he marry? Does he have any children? The show hasn’t told much about him.

There was also a sweet scene that must’ve excited Korra/Asami shippers. Even though Asami, Mako and Bolin sent letters to Korra, she only wrote back to Asami. I don’t know about you, but I would be fine with those two girls hooking up with each other. I know it’s a Nickelodeon cartoon series, but a subtle indication that those two could end up together would be enough for a lot of fans and will break new ground when it comes to TV. I’ve greatly enjoyed seeing their relationship develop. The two stopped pinning after the same guy and ended up becoming best friends.

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Legend of Korra Book 4? Do you think Toph will be able to help Korra? When should Korra return to her friends? Let us know.

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3 thoughts on “The Legend of Korra 4×2 Review: Korra Alone

  1. It was revealed in the first Korra episode that Sokka had died, but we don’t know anything else that happened to him.

    1. Yeah I remember that…but currently I’m like…is he really, really dead? Why hasn’t the show talked more about him? How he died…his kids, if he had any, etc? I don’t know, seeing Toph, has made me want to see Sokka again as well.

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