The Walking Dead 8×15 Review: Worth


‘Worth’ is an episode appropriately titled, because it brings attention to the fact that this season, and this series, is dangerously close to having none. The series has backed its way into a hole and no amount of worth is enough to rescue it.

I was holding out for a good ol’ fashion Lucille Beatdown with Simon, and I honestly thought that’s what I would be getting this episode. But no, those curmudgeons in writing had to take that away from me. Although a fist fight, man to man, was so-so in the exciting factor, it was no baseball bat fight and there were no brains expelled everywhere. I’d like that hour of my life back, please.


I’ve seen a LOT of gross stuff on this show, including Noah’s weird revolving door death and even Jadis putting the walkers through the grinder in Episode 10, but the nastiest thing I’ve seen was probably Eugene sticking his fingers down his throat and VOMITING on Rosita. I’m honestly surprised they stooped that low to include barf scenes. The sardine/garlic/macaroni and cheese monstrosity that Eugene ate literally made me gag. We all have that one meal in college that we can’t even be in the same room as anymore (Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice, I’m looking at you) but this was unnecessary and just nasty.

We finally get to see who it was that Negan had in the car, by the way. It wasn’t Gregory. It was flippin’ Laura, the barcode tattoo girl.


I’m a pretty emotional person. I always have been, ever since I was little. I cried at everything. Aside from losing Beth, no other character hit me hard–except Carl. While Michonne read Carl’s letter to Negan I did tear up and cry a bit. Not specifically because I was sad that Carl was gone, but because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s performance, watching Negan. I guess we only have one episode to redeem Negan and maybe Carl’s letter will be the catalyst to put that in motion. Or maybe everything is a trash fire and I’m crying because it’s a mess. We only have one episode for this series to get its shit together.

Dwight being exposed as the traitor he is (thanks Barcode Girl) was not necessarily something I was expecting, but it also didn’t surprise me. I like Dwight and I guess I’m glad that he’s not dead yet? But there’s still the finale to go and still plenty of stupid ‘shock value’.

Aaron’s run in with Oceanside is only worth a brief nod of acknowledgement because, let’s be real, they’re the cavalry that’s coming to save The Hilltop. Either the writers will fall into this trope or circumnavigate it entirely in the most idiotic display of storytelling we’ve yet to witness. Sorry, not sorry.

Will this episode be ‘Worth’ our time? Is it enough to propel us to a fulfilling finale? The answer you’re looking for is ‘absolutely not’.

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Author: Bekah

Bekah has a B.F.A. in Theatre Performance from Anderson University and is the Executive Assistant at Saga Event Planning. She is a frequent convention attendee and cosplayer and co-hosts The Geekiary webcast “The Bitching Dead”.

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