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Welcome to today’s Geekiary Briefs! We have a lot of gaming news to talk about, including why you all need to know about Utomik, what Technolites is offering sci-fi fans, and if Deadpool 2 might be bringing another queer character to the big screen.

I’m going to start with all the fun gaming news. We all know about Netflix and how it has tons of awesome content for you to binge. Now, if you enjoy playing games, you should know about Utomik. Think of it as Netflix but for gamers. For a monthly fee, Utomik provides you access to a vast game library. The good news is that it’ll download a small portion of the required data on the hard disk so you can play as soon as possible while the rest of the download occurs in the background.

Utomik has partnered up with indie publisher extraordinaire, Curve Digital! Now, subscribers can “experience the multi-award-winning Hue, YouTube sensation Human: Fall Flat, hilarious couch cooperative Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure, gorgeous stealth game Serial Cleaner, and the (literally) breathtaking Manual Samuel!” More titles will also be added down the line.

Going over what I know of Utomik, it looks like an awesome subscription to have for gamers who want to replay the classics or want to discover indie titles. Furthermore, the service also has numerous titles from franchises such as Batman, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and more! The monthly subscription fee isn’t much, considering the unlimited gaming the service is offering. There’s also a free trial you can check out!

Moving on, Technolites, a frantic shoot ‘em up from Canadian studio Zugalu, has launched a Kickstarter to gather $24,674 USD ($31,000 CAD) in completion funds. The game features “an original story with fully-voiced characters and a ton of ship customization options.” The title “thoroughly updates the genre while maintaining the action-packed arcade gameplay made legendary by ‘80s classics such as Xevious, 1942, and Terra Cresta.”

Here’s the Technolites Kickstarter video!

The Technolites Kickstarter campaign is offering a lot of fun perks including the option to design a Mini-Boss, a weapon, being invited to the Launch Party, and more. Go support it!

Sci-fi fans can also look forward to the complex point-and-click space-survival sim Deep Sixed, the newest title from the studio behind 2015’s Rogue State, arriving on Steam on February 12, 2018 (for $9.74 – 25% off retail) . In Deep Sixed, players are a “convict tasked with working off the remainder of your sentence as an (involuntary) stellar cartographer – using your troubleshooting skills to keep your spaceship humming along as both its only pilot and engineer.”

If you’re into dinosaurs, you should mark your calendar because publisher and developer Snail Games is proud to announce that the VR multiplayer adventure ARK Park (based on Studio Wildcard’s survival classic ARK: Survival Evolved) will be released on March 22, 2018, during the Game Developers Conference.

It’ll be available on Steam VR/HTC Vive, PSVR, and Oculus Rift. The game is “designed from the ground up as a stunningly realistic dinosaur theme park simulation, ARK Park allows players to freely traverse the grounds without any restrictions whatsoever. There’s no set plot or schedule to follow; you can choose how and where to go next at all times – exploring the prehistoric park at your own pace.”

Check out the trailer!

Now, let’s talk a bit about Deadpool 2. The recently released trailer gave us a very good look at Cable and was filled with some awesome shots that have people speculating. It’s being assumed by many that one such (very quick) shot shows the debut of an X-Force roster that includes Shatterstar. To give you all a quick comic book history refresher, Shatterstar debuted back in 1991 and has an impressive set of powers.

Also, Shatterstar is queer and has been shown in a romantic relationship with Rictor. If the trailer indeed showed Shatterstar, then points to the Deadpool film series for adding another queer character to the cast alongside Wade Wilson. Though I’ll be withholding my applause until I see how the new character’s sexuality is handled.

Here’s the Deadpool 2 trailer! It’s scheduled for a May 18, 2018, release in the US.

Will you be subscribing to Utomik? What are your thoughts about the sci-fi games we’ve shared with you? Are you looking forward to Deadpool 2? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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