The Walking Dead – Michonne Episode Two ‘Give No Shelter’ Review

Michonne Give No Shelter

The Walking Dead – Michonne: Give No Shelter picks up right after the events that transpired during In Too Deep.

While I appreciate Telltale making a game about Michonne, it is clear that – other than having her as the main playable character – the new installment doesn’t offer much to players.

I enjoyed In Too Deep even though I didn’t necessarily care about the supporting cast. It was fun to get to know more about Michonne and all of the guilt she has been feeling over losing her two daughters. That’s the thing about this mini spin-off. If you are a fan of the titular character then you will enjoy Telltale’s latest offering; if not then you’re going to feel bored. The limited gameplay time also doesn’t help matters. I was able to end Give No Shelter in about an hour. For those of you who are holding out on playing this game, I recommend waiting for all three episodes to be released and playing it in one sitting.

Coming to the plot, we get to see Michonne making an escape with her allies. The whole episode was more or less a cat and mouse chase where you have to keep on running from the people of Monroe that want to kill you. Everything that could possibly go wrong does and after a while it feels like a cheap gimmick to keep players under pressure. However, all of it doesn’t matter because you know Michonne is going to survive at the end.

The only sequence I enjoyed playing during Give No Shelter was the flashback where Michonne walked around her apartment trying to figure out what happened to her girls. It doesn’t have any zombies in it but is still enough create a sense of dread. You actually feel sorry for Michonne. The sequence went to show that Telltale is capable of providing players with tense environments without the use of zombies and rushed action. So I don’t know why they didn’t continue taking this route throughout the game. Hacking and slashing at zombies gets old after a while. I really wouldn’t mind playing a game where Michonne goes out in search of her lost daughters during the early times of the zombie apocalypse. It would’ve made for a better plot.

The final few moments of the game again opted for button-mashing action rather than making players experience a tense environment. The whole thing felt forced. The moment Sam’s father opened the gate to throw out a walker’s arm and then turned his back to the gate I knew he was going to die. Who in their right mind turns their back to an open gate when they clearly know it is dangerous outside?

With only one more episode left to bring the story to a close, I hope the developers provide fans with something worthwhile.

Have you played The Walking Dead – Michonne: Give No Shelter yet? Did you enjoy it? Let us know.

Developer: Telltale Games
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS 4, PS 3, iOS, Android
Genre: Interactive
Release Date: 29th March, 2016

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