The Walking Dead – Michonne Episode One “In Too Deep” Review


The Walking Dead – Michonne: In Too Deep brings the famous comic book character into Telltale Games enjoyable zombie-infected world even though it still has a few weaknesses.

I highly enjoyed Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead franchise. The developers introduced original characters, and the gameplay focused on tough decision-making, even if it was all ‘point-and-click’. This made the series very different from traditional zombie-killing games.

The Walking Dead – Michonne is Telltale’s first attempt at developing a game around a pre-existing character. The story focuses on a timeline after Michonne’s departure from Rick’s group in issue #126 of TWD comic series. While I enjoyed getting to play a game as Michonne, I knew she wasn’t going to die. This greatly reduced the sense of fear for me.

You could never be sure about a character’s fate in Telltale’s main TWD series. Season one had a very shocking death which completely changed the story going into season two. However, in Michonne, players know that whatever happens during the story, the titular character is going to survive.

Coming to the weakness of the game, there’s a whole bunch of new characters that Michonne encounters during ‘In Too Deep’ but right now I don’t feel anything for them. Maybe that’ll change going into Episode 2, and getting to know more about the supporting cast, and the mystery behind the hostile town of Munroe. Also it took me about an hour to finish the whole thing. I would’ve preferred a longer gameplay time. At least give me two hours!

Telltale kept up with their tradition of queer representation by introducing a gay couple. But one of the characters, Zachary, came across as a coward and could end up getting killed depending on the decisions you make in the game. I know a lot of characters die in the TWD games but Telltale could’ve done a lot better than creating a gay man who was such a pushover.

Having said that, I am still looking forward to the next episode of Michonne, and hopefully interacting with characters that’ll make me care about whether they live or die.

Have you played The Walking Dead – Michonne: In Too Deep yet? What did you think of it? Are you waiting for all the episodes to be released before you begin playing? Let us know!

Developer: Telltale Games

Platforms: PC, XBox 360, Xbox One, PS 4, PS 3, iOS, Android.

Genre: Interactive

Release Date: February 23, 2016


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