The Unworthy Thor Issue 5 Teases War Thor! Marvel’s Third Thor

War Thor Mighty Thor Issue 20 Marvel

The current Marvel Comic Universe now has three Thors because why not? Say hello to War Thor.

This post contains spoilers for The Unworthy Thor Issue 5. You’ve been mortal!

The final pages of this week’s The Unworthy Thor showed a male character picking up the hammer that once belonged to Ultimate Thor. The new and third wielder of the hammer is named War Thor. It kind of rhymes, right?

The Unworthy Thor Issue 5 also revealed a secret some fans have been waiting for since 2014’s Original Sin event. We finally got to know what Nick Fury said that made Thor unworthy and thus, his hammer went to Jane Foster. To keep it simple, the secret had to deal with all of the Gods being unworthy and bringing about the destruction of mankind in the near future.

The current The Unworthy Thor series focused a lot on Odinson trying to escape from The Collector. His main goal was to gain the hammer that belonged to Ultimate Thor. I have no idea how the hammer survived after the multiverse was destroyed in Secret Wars but oh well. However, when it was finally time for Odinson to take up the hammer, he decided not to and allow it to be picked up by someone worthier.

We don’t know who the new wielder is going to be, but he does call himself War Thor. He also says something about others being worthier than him but he picks the hammer because “the realms need a new kind of Thor. A different breed of Thor.” One who understands what’s truly meant by being gender fluid! Yes, I added that last bit.

War Thor Unworthy Thor Issue 5 Marvel Comics

If you take a look at Marvel’s solicitations for June 2017 you’ll see that War Thor will appear in Mighty Thor Issue 20. Let’s see if writer Jason Aaron makes fans wait another couple of years before revealing War Thor’s true identity.

Did you read The Unworthy Thor Issue 5? Who do you think becomes War Thor? Let us know.

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7 thoughts on “The Unworthy Thor Issue 5 Teases War Thor! Marvel’s Third Thor

  1. I’ve loved Aaron’s work on the Thor books. The current Mighty Thor book is great, boasting a compelling story and spectacular artwork. Jane Foster wielding the hammer has never bothered me. What does bother me, what makes me give Aaron the side-eye, is this now wrapped up miniseries. We did not need five drawn out issues for this “story.” All that build up for him to just say, “Ah f–k it, I don’t want this hammer anymore.” And there was no way the reveal of the whisper was ever going to live up to the hype. Even so, ugh… And now we’ve got “War Thor” coming down the pike. Looks like another 8 issue long “who’s behind the helmet” arc. I’m still behind Aaron and his run on Thor, but this was a severe letdown.

  2. I’m going with Eric Masterson/ thunderstrike. he always had the beard, and he wore a lot of brown. same as the new war thor. the helmet has the eye cover like mastersons helmet had . I’m convinced its masterson.

    1. this is a very good gess.. after alll, he said “there are others thors”, so probally is someone how already was a thor…

  3. but, there is the Roger Red Norvell Thor, less famous, but still is a possibility and he disapear from the comics years ago.

      1. I’m hoping for one of thors sons. magni and modi .magni is the god of strength and modi is the god of the berserkers

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