The Hunt For Wolverine Gets Spin-Off Titles And More Storm

Hunt for Wolverine Mystery in Madripoor Marvel Comics
Hunt for Wolverine Spin-Off Marvel Comics

The Hunt for Wolverine event is getting spin-off titles, each being a 4-issue miniseries. I already know which spin-off I’ll definitely read — the one that has Storm on the cover!

If you’ve been keeping up with Marvel comic book news, you’d know Logan is already back and wandering around in the comic book universe without necessarily letting his presence be known. The Hunt for Wolverine and the spin-off titles will hopefully answer fans’ questions about how he was able to return after being submerged in adamantium during 2014’s Death of Wolverine.

Hunt for Wolverine #1 will be released in April, with the spin-offs offering more content in different storytelling genres. According to the press release, in the upcoming tale “Wolverine’s past comes back to haunt all our merry mutants, each unique story harkens back to their old school adventures – changing some characters in ways that will shock readers.”

A lot of big comic book talent is coming together for this Logan-centric event. Orchestrated by Hunt for Wolverine and Death of Wolverine writer Charles Soule, the talent includes Avengers No Surrender writer Jim Zub, She-Hulk writer Mariko Tamaki, All-New Wolverine writer Tom Taylor, The Amazing Spider-Man artist Matteo Buffagni, X-Men Blue artist R.B. Silva, Black Panther and the Crew artist Butch Guice, and Spider-Man/Deadpool artist Chris Bachalo.

The four miniseries, which will be released in May, are:

  • Weapon Lost (noir/detective) from writer Charles Soule and artist Matteo Buffagni
  • Adamantium Agenda (action/adventure) from writer Tom Taylor and artist R.B. Silva.
  • Claws Of A Killer (horror) from writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Butch Guice.
  • Mystery in Madripoor (dark romance) from writer Jim Zub and artist Chris Bachalo.

I’ve been holding my tongue, just waiting to announce this project and team of ultra-talented creators,” said series editor Mark Paniccia. “While these stories all reveal clues to the larger mystery behind Wolverine’s return, the writers all have some pretty huge moments planned that will have X-MEN fans talking and debating for some time to come.”

Hunt for Wolverine Weapon Lost marvel comics
Marvel Comics


Adamantium Agenda Hunt for Wolverine marvel comics
Marvel Comics


Hunt for Wolverine Claws of a Killer Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Here’s the official synopsis:

Featuring classic Marvel characters from Daredevil to Kitty Pryde to Spider-Man to Iron Man, major Marvel heroes will become part of Wolverine’s mystery as they try to track down Logan and figure out his secrets. But with answers come more questions…and with reveals come even more mysteries. Every clue leads to another twisting road and each story will provide fans with another tantalizing piece of the puzzle that will lead readers closer to finding out the real truth!

And it will all come together to set the stage for the most shocking and daring Wolverine story to date along with a spectacular return!

His return was just the beginning – the opening chapter of a story that will touch all corners and all characters of the Marvel Universe. Dive into all the excitement in the HUNT FOR WOLVERINE one-shot this April, and then be sure to follow all of the action with WEAPON LOST, ADAMANTIUM AGENDA, CLAWS OF A KILLER and MYSTERY IN MADRIPOOR, available in comic shops starting in May!

I’m just happy to see Storm being part of the story. Even though she’s supposed to be one of the main characters in the current X-Men Gold run by Marc Guggenheim (which is 21 issues in), she has been criminally underutilized, edging dangerously close to being the team’s token African-American character. Ta-Nehisi Coates did a far better job writing Storm, even as a guest character, in his Black Panther series.

Here’s to hoping Storm is written well in the upcoming miniseries.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the Hunt for Wolverine for us.

Author: Farid-ul-Haq

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