‘Zenith’ Game Review – A Very Hilarious Fantasy RPG

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Zenith is a very enjoyable game that uses the clichés of a fantasy RPG to give players something different.

I have been looking forward to playing Zenith for quite some time now. The whole idea of playing as a character who wants to prevent heroes from finding an ancient artifact sounded fun to me. And that’s exactly what Zenith, by Badland Games and Infinigon, delivered once I started playing it.

You control a wizard named Argus. He and his team are in search of a powerful specter. However, things don’t go as planned when the specter unleashes doom upon their land. The story shifts from the present to the past. The present, set about seven years after Argus hid away the specter, sees our thirty-something-year-old wizard forced into following a group of teenaged heroes and prevent them from finding the artifact. In the timeline set in the past, we see why Argus is worried about the specter being found and how he and his friends managed to stop the end of the world from occurring.

The overall gameplay is quite simple. There are a few puzzles thrown in to make things a bit more interesting. I really liked all of the powers at Argus’ disposal. You can select various spells that make use of different elements such as ice, earth, and fire. I personally liked using ice-based powers as they allowed me to freeze my opponents for a second or two. There is also an ‘Ability Tree’ that allows you to upgrade and unlock powers, and improve Argus’ healing and mana recharging capabilities. The game also provides you with a ‘World-Map’ that you can explore and fight creatures in to level up. If you’re playing the PC (Steam) version then I suggest you use a controller.

One thing that I didn’t like was that some of the opponents I faced hit too hard. If you aren’t careful and allow yourself to be surrounded by a few fodder enemies, you’ll die. There is also a cooling period between consecutively using health potions. I won’t lie. I died a lot while playing this game. Your supporting character, a blue-haired girl named Alana, isn’t any help whatsoever.

The bosses in each level are fun to fight against. You can’t simply go in headfirst and expect to win. Each boss needs a certain kind of strategy in order for you to kill it. Once you figure the strategy out, winning the fight is easy.

There are a lot of pop culture references in Zenith. It even had the famous door from Lord of The Rings. But the game is definitely not for kids as it has a lot of bad language and mature themes in it. I would’ve liked a bit of voice-acting to be part of the game but I think you can’t ask a lot from indie titles.

Zenith is a fun RPG fantasy game that provides a good amount of enjoyable gameplay time to players. The graphics are nice to look at and the background music isn’t annoying. You’ll also end up laughing a lot when reading character interactions.

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Have you played Zenith yet? What did you think of it? Let us know.

Note: I received a review copy of Zenith from Novy Unlimited.

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  1. This is an Awesome Game. A brilliant work of Imagination mixed with so much great Humor I can Promise you at one point or another you’ll Laugh even if you don’t want to Be Happy!!! just WOW… The Graphics are amazing!

    10/10 would play again.

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