10 Things I Want to See in Teen Wolf Season 4

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Season 3 is so yesterday, it’s all about Season 4 now, especially after the final gave us such an enticing cliffhanger. But enough about the past – that’s in the past – let’s look forward to the future as we sit in that beautiful moment when anything is possible before all our dreams are dashed by spoilers and promos. I figured why not dream big while we can, so here’s my ultimate wish list for next season. The ten things I REALLY want see in Teen Wolf Season 4.

WARNING: Spoilers for Teen Wolf Season 4 discussed below.


10. Lacrosse

This is kind of a cheat because we already know that lacrosse is coming back, but I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I re-watched Season 1 recently. It’s been almost four years and I still have no idea how this game works, but that doesn’t stop me from being damn invested in the games when they’re actually happening (I’ve yelled at the screen more than once). The added bonus of lacrosse is that it creates a kind of structure to the timeline that makes it easier to follow.

9. Malia Tate as More Than a Plot Device

Poor Malia Tate (Shelley Hennig) didn’t get a fair go in 3B – she was a plot device then she was a random love interest for a fan favorite that also happens to be part of the two most popular ships… it’s like they wanted the audience to hate her (I do not condone this but it happens). But we shouldn’t judge her on what we saw in 3B, especially considering “Echo House” was the worst episode of the season. Now that we know she’s going to be regular for Season 4, I’m interested to see what they do with her. I just hope she has something more than her interactions with Stiles and Peter.

8. More Girls!

We’ve got Malia joining the team but there can never be enough more ladies. Exciting news is that it looks like we’ll get it because a number of old faves are returning in including the deliciously evil Kate Argent (Jill Wagner) and the just plain delicious Braeden (Meagan Tandy). But if we’re making requests I’d love to see more of banshee Meredith (Maya Eshet) – Malia got out of Eichen House surely Meredith can too – and Stiles’ party hook-up Caitlin (Zelda Williams). I can make do with sixteen-year-old Violet and the new, possibly evil, teacher Ms Fleming.

7. Stiles and Derek Interacting

We get it, there is no homo happening here but by keeping these characters apart Teen Wolf is missing out of a seriously awesome dynamic. Season 3B lacked their humorous banter and I missed it. It’s time for these two to start working together again, I’m not saying they have to spend two hours holding each other in a pool but a conversation or two would nice. Don’t deprive the audience of something awesome because you’re afraid of homoerotic subtext – besides shippers will find that even you don’t put them in the same room. That ship has sailed (pun intended).

6. Alpha Scott

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Stiles’ storyline in 3B but by the end I was missing the focus on Beacon Hills friendly neighborhood True Alpha. I want to see more of him as an Alpha, how is he dealing with that? I want to know how he really feels about his father being back in town. I want to see him struggle a little because I’m masochistic like that. We missed a lot of Scott’s development because we were so focused on Stiles in 3B, it’s time to catch up. Whatever, I just want Scott McCall to be the protagonist now that he’s got his trusty sidekick back.

5. Teen Berserkers 

Chris Argent mentioned them 3 times and you know that means Berserkers are going to turn up in Beacon Hills. I am all for it, but the story Chris told was about some kids that took things a little too far as lost themselves to the beast. So, if they’re bring in Berserkers I would love it if the three new dudes (Liam, Garrett and Mason) they’re introducing decided to channel Norse warriors because they really want to make first line or something.

4. Melissa McCall and Sheriff Stilinski in Love 

This is the only ship that pretty much everyone watching can agree with, and if anyone deserves a little happiness it’s these two. Plus, it would be so funny if they were sneaking around, trying to hide it from Scott and Stiles. That’s like a license to print hilarious hijinks. Come on, the teenage romance is getting boring and repetitive.  Let’s do something a little different this time. Parents need love, too, and it’s high time that the Sheriff and Melissa moved on from their losses and found love again.

3. Lydia Mourning Allison

All of the characters are going to affected by Allison’s death, but they’re teenagers, they’re resilient and I know the show doesn’t want to spend too much time dwelling on the sadness. But at the same time, it would be a waste not to use Allison’s death to further the emotional journey of at least one character. If there’s anyone that’s not going to let go of Allison’s death (apart from Chris), it’s Lydia. I REALLY want a significant part of Lydia’s narrative in Season 4 to be motivated by the loss of her best friend. That seems like a fitting tribute to such a fantastic character.

2. New Female Friendships

Allison’s death didn’t just mean the loss of an awesome character but it also heralded the loss of the ONLY female friendship on this show. That’s a situation that needs to be rectified. But why stop at one? There are A LOT of male friendships, let’s see the ladies get in on the platonic action. Lydia might decide to take Malia under her wing like she did with Allison. Malia, Lydia, and Kira could be ladies with superpowers together. Maybe Melissa McCall and Noshiko Yukimura start a mother’s of supernatural teens club? Let’s just get these women talking to each other!

1. FUN!

Season 3 was intense – and that was cool, but at times I think it took itself a little bit too seriously. Not that I don’t think Teen Wolf is capable of being serious, but during Season 1 and 2 it was also pretty silly and I liked that. While I love the pain – I’m kinky like that – I miss when this show was fun. Teen Wolf is better than you think, but it’s still a silly MTV show about werewolves and that’s not a bad thing, it’s actually one of the reasons I fell in love with it. So I would like to see them lower the intensity levels – a tiny bit – just enough to remind the audience that this show is supposed to be fun.


What about you guys? What do you want out of Season 4? Let us know in the comments. You never know, some of our wishes might come true. 


Author: Undie Girl

Undie Girl (aka Von) has a BA (Hons) Major in Cultural Studies. The title of her honours thesis was “It’s just gay and porn”: Power, Identity and the Fangirl’s Gaze. She’s currently pursuing a Masters of Media Practice at University of Sydney. Von’s a former contributor The Backlot’s column The Shipping News and a current co-host of The Geekiary’s monthly webcast FEELINGS… with The Geekiary.


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8 thoughts on “10 Things I Want to See in Teen Wolf Season 4

  1. Ugh…I can’t agree with you about Malia. Her entire storyline has been messed up to the point that it makes no sense unless she’s evil and/or has been lying the whole time. She can’t control the shift..except when she can. Her convenient turn ups in Echo House, just so the Nogitsune can conveniently use her against Stiles. The completely disregarded fact that she should not act the way she does if she has in fact spent 8 years as an animal with no human interaction. With Kate’s return, we don’t need another evil female, and I wasn’t at all impressed with her chemistry with Stiles. I also didn’t feel like her acting was nearly up to his, which also impacted the (lack of) chemistry and took me out of their scenes. Prefer it if show would allow the characters to develop a little more organically instead of throwing this pre-built relationship at us.

    1. It’s nice to know that Undie still manages to find this series so entertaining, but I can’t agree like you said regarding Malia: at this stage I’ve to admit to have wanted to read too much between the lines of this show, & in the end it’s quite shallow instead, just as Jeff’s sloppy writing itself, so it’ll remain a silly MTV show about (who cares) werewolves that clearly won’t develop much in depth as I was hoping to make a difference with other shows within the supernatural genre.
      So it’s not even worth discussing that much if then TPTB never listen to us anyway. However to each one it’s own, have fun guys with s4!

  2. I can agree with a couple of those. Definitely lacrosse, yes. And I’d really like a few scenes between Derek and Stiles (not even asking for Sterek – some generic dialog that doesn’t feel shoe-horned in like a reluctant bone to an unwelcome fanbase would be acceptable. That doesn’t sound too bitter, does it? They’ve really beaten me down and made me lower my hopes and expectations for the show lately).

    Romance or no romance, I hope we get a decent number of scenes featuring the Sheriff and Melissa.

    As for what I really want in Season 4:

    1 – To learn the Sheriff’s first name, or Stiles’ first name (or hear it pronounced). I don’t need them both, but I’d like to know at least one.

    2 – I don’t especially care about Malia, but if she’s going to be around I hope there’s some interesting interaction between her and Peter. (Given the minimal relationship stuff we got between Cora and Derek, I’m not hopeful here.) I don’t want her to exist solely to be another creature with abilities that conveniently come and go.

    3 – I hope they kill off Kate again. The sooner the better. First minutes of the season opener would be best. Can we fit it in during the teaser?

    4 – I’d like to see Lydia and Danny share more scenes. I feel like they could have an interesting friendship.

  3. I want to see Derek in a happy and healthy relationship with a kickass woman of color who is dynamic and engaging.


    And I want Kate and Malia to go away.

  4. There are really only two things that I want to see in Season 4 that I think I could realistically get (the list of unlikely things is much longer). 1) More Danny. He’s a seriously underutilized character, and the revelation in the last episode that he knows what’s going on in Beacon Hills was both surprising and unsurprising. 2) Answers to the unanswered questions that really should have been answered before now: How did Cora survive the Hale House fire? Is Malia really Peter’s daughter, and if so, how is it she’s a werecoyote when he’s a werewolf? What’s the Sheriff’s first name (I suspect we’ll never get Stiles’ real name, and I’m okay with that)?

  5. I agree about Malia. A lot of people hate her when they barely know her. People should give her a chance. Also I think I like her with Stiles.A Hale + Stiles = problems/happy me.
    Things I want to see
    1. Stydia becomes friendship. I use to like stydia, but I like them better as friends now (maybe 4×11 will be the closure to them. IDK)
    2. STILES’S FIRST NAME!!!!!!!! I WANNA KNOW!!!!!
    3. peter/stiles hatred. I really want to see peter get mad because stiles hooked up with his daughter
    4.Scott, Lydia, Kate, & everyone mourning Allison. In 3×24 it didn’t seem like they were sad enough about allison’s death. And I kind of want 4×01 to start off with Allison’s funeral.

  6. I agree with the malia situation. I have been a stydia fan since the prom episode “Formality” and even though I like their friendship I want to see them as a couple. It can be humorous to maybe see them bickering a little bit more, and malia is in the way of that. I’m totally fine with her but I think her story should be about having a relationship with Peter not Stiles. I also agree with having more Sterek scenes. I miss the little partnership their. It brought humor to the show. And finally I hope they actually focus on Scott a lot more. Season 1 and 2 was all about Scott growing and helping his friends and then season 3 came and it all became a mess. Teen Wolf needs to know that these are teenagers and not adults. Though I’m really excited that they’re bringing back things from season 1 and 2. The writers are getting back to a comfortable and funny place. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next.

  7. I REALLY want Derek to get back his Alpha status, the show just isn’t the same without him as a leader/mentor

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