Adventure Time 9×2 Review: Son of Rap Bear

son of rap bear

Yo, here’s a little story ‘bout a princess named Phoebe,
She had hot rhymes and hotter hair.
But when someone threatened to steal her country,
She knew she had to take on the “Son of Rap Bear”.

Flame Princess, Finn, and friends are having a good time at the classic Clam Rap bonfire. Finn tries to out-rhyme Phoebe, but as she has proven in “Bun Bun” and “The Music Hole,” she’s a talented rapper, and makes quick work of him. Her talent impresses a mustachioed agent, who has her sign a contract without reading it…surprise! The agent was Toronto in disguise, up to his old tricks and trying to steal the Flame Kingdom– which Phoebe just accidentally agreed to wager in a rap battle. She’ll be facing off against Son of Rap Bear, the resident rhyming powerhouse of Ooo.

Finn and Phoebe check out Son of Rap Bear’s moves before the big battle, and FP is called out for her unoriginal content. She goes looking for inspiration, which includes a disappointing conversation with her father, formerly the Flame King. In the stadium in front of the screaming crowds, Phoebe almost falters, but in the end, she defeats Son of Rap Bear spurred by rage from within.

Phoebe! It was such a joy to see Flame Princess step back into the show, since she’s been pretty absent of the story as of late, aside from her appearances as a rage-consumed dragon in Elements.

The conversation Phoebe has with her Dad was so real. She was utterly, 100% justified in cutting her father– a man who literally imprisoned her in a bottle for a full fourteen years– out of her life. While getting away from the Flame Kingdom has given FK a chance to grow and arguably become a better person (or, at least, one who isn’t obsessed with burning everything), Flame Princess was under no obligation to try and rekindle her relationship. But try she did, even if it was with the excuse of getting material to improve her rapping. She’s honest and open…

… but it doesn’t matter. FK doesn’t reject her; he just doesn’t seem to care, one way or another. Phoebe apologizes for what she did to hurt her father (even if it was completely justified), but FK offers nothing in return, even when explicitly asked. It’s something I think everyone can relate to. Those times we’ve tried to mend a relationship, only for the other person to pretend that nothing needs mending, or to be gaslit so all the blame is put on us.

Ultimately, “Son of Rap Bear” is a fun little episode with a few great morals. True artistic inspiration comes from the inside; don’t hurt others just to boost your own esteem; and don’t be afraid to cut someone toxic out of your life.


Author: Airam, KK, and Laura

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