Should Calling Off The Wedding In Batman Issue 50 Matter?

Batman Issue 50 DC Comics Catwoman wedding
Batman Issue 50 (Image: DC Comics)

Batman Issue 50 was promoted by DC Comics as a huge event with numerous tie-ins and variant covers. It was supposed to be a cumulation of Tom King’s story centering on the love shared between Bruce and Selina. However, after reading the latest issue I find myself asking whether calling off the wedding was worth it and if it should even matter to me.

Lots of Batman Issue 50 spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

I have been waiting to get my hands on Batman Issue 50 ever since it was spoiled by The New York Times. I wanted to read the reason behind canceling the Bat/Cat wedding. Tom King has been telling his story for more than a year. Fans were eager to see Bruce and Selina finally say “I do.” But alas, it was not meant to be.

Tom King made Selina decide not to marry Bruce at the last second because she didn’t want the happiness she brought into his life to stop him from being Batman.

I mean, come on! That’s the most stupid reason if there ever was one.

The entire thing is made worse due to the fact it’s coming from Selina. Over the course of their relationship (spanning decades), Catwoman was shown to be the one who understood Batman/Bruce and making her think happiness would break the Bat just goes to show she didn’t know him at all.

At this point, the Joker, Bane, the Riddler, and the rest of the Bat-villains have a better understanding of what makes the Caped Crusader tick. Sigh!

Apparently, the wedding had to be called off because both Bruce and Selina were being manipulated by Bane and his cabal of supervillains which includes the Joker, Hugo Strange, Gotham Girl, Holly, and more.

Bane cabal in Batman Issue 50
Bane and his cabal in Batman Issue 50 (Image: DC Comics)

So, buckle up for the last 50 issues in Tom King’s 100-issue Batman story. Selina and Bruce might tie the knot in the hundredth issue. They might not. I don’t care.

Tom King Tweet Batman Issue 50 Catwoman

Catwoman and Bruce have always been one of my favorite fictional OTPs. I never needed a DC Comics writer to make things official between them before and I won’t need one in the future. Comic book characters continue going through retcons and that’s why I can’t bring myself to feel invested in their journey. I appreciate what the characters represent and I also enjoy reading some of their stories. However, I don’t consider any of their character arcs to be set in stone because the next big retcon could swoop in at any moment and change stuff.

That’s also a reason why I wasn’t fully invested in the hyped up Bat/Cat wedding, especially because it wasn’t going to be Bruce legally marrying Selina. They would have been better off announcing their so-called wedding on Facebook. You don’t need writers or publishers that exploit fans for a quick buck.

Anyway, both are already married as far as I’m concerned regardless of some DC Comics writer showing it in a comic book or not. Furthermore, Bruce is also married to Superman but it is an open marriage which why Bruce can share his love with Selina and Clark can enjoy his life with Lois and their son. A great thing is that the final page of Batman issue 50 confirmed what I knew all along.

Every Bat-villain is in love with the Caped Crusader but because it is all one-sided they would rather see him sad and alone than living happily with someone else. Bane and the rest would not have gone to such lengths to stop Bruce from marrying Selina unless they loved him. At this point, Bruce proposing marriage to the Joker, Bane, the Riddler, and more could very well stop them from continuing to be crazy.

Selina Catwoman Issue 1 Alfred note
Selina getting Alfred’s note in Catwoman Issue 1 (Image: DC Comics)

Catwoman Issue 1 by Joëlle Jones was also released today. It showed Selina dealing with a copycat problem after leaving Gotham. The only thing I liked about it was the art and a very salty Alfred Pennyworth!

Will Selina and Bruce get back together? It sure looks like it. But does it really matter to me? Nopes!

What did you think of Batman Issue 50? Let us know.

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2 thoughts on “Should Calling Off The Wedding In Batman Issue 50 Matter?

  1. I’m generally a Tom King fan, so the story being spoiled didn’t ruin it for me although I was annoyed. There are still 50 issues left to see where he takes it. I was kinda hoping those 50 would be them trying to juggle alternate identities and romance but I don’t every time get what I want.

    1. Same here. I thought they would get married (fake married or whatever) in Issue 50 and the rest of the issues would be about them trying to make sense of the new changes in the Bat/Cat family with lots of villains involved. Issue 50 does show it was Bane was manipulating both Bruce and Selina. So, the two will need to come together to take down Bane and his cabal and mend their relationship, etc. in the upcoming issues. Let’s see what Tom King has in store for his readers.

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