Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 1×125 Review – Boruto and Shinki

Boruto and Shinki Boruto anime 125 review
Boruto and Shinki (Image: Screengrab)

‘Boruto and Shinki’ finally brought the current Urashiki arc to a close. I liked seeing how the relationship between the two young ninjas has grown. And I look forward to their friendship becoming stronger. Also, don’t blame me if I feel like shipping them.

I’ve been hoping for the Urashiki arc to end for a couple of weeks now. While the premise was kind of interesting, it turned into a drag as the story progressed. The way Sasuke was taken out of the battle still makes no sense to me. The writers could have tried to come up with a better reason for having Sasuke stay off-screen without making Boruto come across as an incompetent ninja. Anyway, at least Sasuke was able to appear to save Boruto and Shinki. Sasuke wasn’t able to defeat Uarashiki, though. So, I guess we’ll be seeing the Otsutsuki clan member soon.

As for the rest of the episode, I was surprised to see Shinki making it all the way to the Hidden Leaf Village. I thought he was going to turn around and save Boruto instead. But Shinki, being the type of ninja he is, was able to keep his priorities in check. It’s only after he had safely delivered the one-tailed beast to Naruto, he decided to run back to aid Boruto in his battle against Urashiki. I would have liked for Mirai to help him out a bit. I mean, Sai could’ve helped, too.

Seeing Shinki and Boruto trying to fight Urashiki was fun. It was obvious the two genins weren’t going to defeat such a powerful being. However, they were able to cause a lot of damage. Boruto’s Jougan activated during the battle. His mysterious eye allowed the young ninjas to hold their own against Urashiki (even if just for a bit).

It’s kind of interesting to see Boruto’s Jougan appear so much in the anime when it seems to be non-existent in the manga. You would think the manga’s creative team would use Boruto’s eye powers more. Maybe the manga is working toward an exciting development as far as the Jougan is concerned? Let’s see.

My only gripe with ‘Boruto and Shinki’ has to do with Urashiki not being able to see through Boruto’s Shadow Clones and Transformation Jutsu. Urashiki has the Byakugon and other visual skills. Shouldn’t they allow him to see through the Transformation Jutsu, at least?

The final moments of the episode were enjoyable. I liked how Boruto was disappointed Shinki was going to leave the village without saying goodbye to him. Boruto literally ran to the train station to say farewell to Shinki. As I mentioned in the beginning, don’t blame me if I become interested in shipping Boruto with Shinki.

While I’m still a supporter of Team Boruto/Mitsuki (with Team Boruto/Sumire being a close second), I can see certain fans wanting Boruto to begin a relationship with Shinki. Just imagine, Boruto can help Gaara’s son become emotionally healthy while Shinki will try and act as if Boruto’s enthusiasm isn’t rubbing off on him. The fanfic writes itself!

With the current arc having reached a conclusion, fans can look forward to Boruto (somehow) meeting a younger version of Naruto in an upcoming arc.

What did you think of ‘Boruto and Shinki’? Let us know.

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