Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season BLU-RAY Review

LoT Season 4
Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-Ray + Digital Download (Front Cover)

Legends of Tomorrow continues to be one of the most fun and entertaining superhero shows currently on television. Hop aboard the Wave-Rider and take a journey through the misadventures of the time-traveling Legends with the entire fourth season of the show, available on DVD and Blu-Ray!

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Legends of Tomorrow is easily my personal favorite of the current running “Arrowverse” superhero shows on The CW. Yes, Arrow and Flash are entertaining in their own right, but each episode of Legends is a full-course meal of hilarity. You’re going to laugh. You’re going to be confused. You’re going to be truly addicted and invested in the colorful panel of misfit heroes that make up the ever-shifting line-up of legends.

I think that it’s safe to say that Legends got better with time. The first season was good, but that was back when it tried too hard to emulate the “seriousness” of The Flash and Arrow. Over time and throughout the four seasons that Legends has had, the show eventually found out that a show about time-travel works best when it doesn’t take itself so seriously and when it embraces the true craziness that can be had when superheroes meet 1940’s Hollywood, or the Salem Witch Trials, or Paris in the 1920s.

The fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow is even crazier than the last. You might ask: “How can you possibly top season three‘s giant demon vs. giant stuffed Beebo showdown”? Well, just wait until you check out season four. What other superhero show in existence do you know of that includes fairy godmothers, a possessed nipple, singing puppets, a Bollywood-inspired musical number, werewolves, Jane Austen, dragon eggs, and more?

Witch Hunt (Legends)
DC’s Legend of Tomorrow in Episode 4×02 “Witch Hunt” (Source: The CW, 2018).

This season picks up following the defeat of the demon, Mallus. And while that was a laborious journey all on its own, you can’t really take a break when it comes to saving history and protecting time. That is to say, it’s not long before our Legends take on the new task of restoring history following the revelation that mythical creatures from fairy-tales and myths have escaped and rooted themselves throughout history, disrupting the timeline.

There are a few things in particular that I loved about this season. For one, I think that Legends does a phenomenal job at blending individual character arcs into the madness of the overall season threat. The line-up of teammates is extensive, so it could be difficult to make sure that every character has a place and gets attention. And even though the episode order for Legends is shorter than what The Flash and Arrow get, you never feel like you’re not getting enough of a particular character. There’s happiness, heartbreak, and suspense spread out evenly between the characters.

Another thing that I really enjoyed from this season is John Constantine. Now, for those of you that don’t know, Constantine had his own show in 2014 on NBC before getting canceled and adopted by The CW’s Arrowverse, much like how Supergirl first started off on CBS, before transferring to CW. Constantine’s broody swagger and unapologetic queerness is a wonderful addition to an already diverse cast of characters in Legends of Tomorrow. The character fits right in and does everything that he can to bring audience members into his chaotic world of love, magic, and hellish threats.

John Constantine
John Constantine in Legends of Tomorrow (Source: The CW, 2018)

Blu-Ray Special Features:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Post Production Theater – This featurette was actually the coolest one from what’s available on the Blu-Ray disc-set. It provides a look at what happens when additional shots/reshoots/VFX shots are needed once original filming has already wrapped. So the post-production crew acts out the scenes that they’ll need the actual cast to reshoot. It’s interesting and funny to watch. (5 minutes)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Legendary Storytelling – It provides insight into how ideas are created and brought to the table regarding the crazy adventures that the Legends get up to. It also includes interview segments with Legends of Tomorrow Executive Producer, Phil Klemmer. (3 minutes)

Deleted Scenes – There are a total of 24 “unseen” scenes spread between the 2 available discs. Some episodes have one deleted scene, while other episodes have multiple deleted scenes for your viewing pleasure.

Gag Reel – Naturally, the fourth season of Legends comes with a fantastic gag reel. Given the fact that the show is so funny and crazy in its natural state, it’s not surprising to find that the behind the scenes aspect of Legends is just as hysterical. Lots of goofs, lots of prop issues, and lots of bleeped-out swears! (9 minutes).

The standard DVD edition of Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season is  4-disc set, with 16 full episodes. It features 16×9 widescreen format and standard audio. It will be marketed as $24.98 in the US and $30.99 in Canada.

The Blu-Ray edition of this season is a 2-disc set with the 16 episodes and a digital copy of the season for download. It features 16×9 widescreen format presentation with master audio. It will be marketed for $29.98 in the US and $39.99 in Canada.

Both the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season will be available for purchase on September 24, 2019. The entire fourth season is also currently available to own on digital through purchase from digital retailers.

LoT back cover Blu-Ray
Legends of Tomorrow: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-Ray + Digital Download (Back Cover)

Are you guys going to pick up a copy of Legends when it drops?

Let us know in the comments below!

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