“Dead by Daylight” Gets Tome II Update Titled “Reckoning”

Reckoning Tome II update Dead by Daylight
‘Reckoning’ Tome II Update for Dead by Daylight (Image: PR)

Global leading game development studio Behaviour Interactive launched its Tome II update today. The update is titled ‘Reckoning’ and it brings new content for fans of Dead by Daylight to enjoy.

According to the press release, the ‘Reckoning’ update for Dead by Daylight has new types of challenges focusing on a wider variety of characters. It includes background stories, new outfits, and charms for four characters: the Doctor, the Spirit, Jane Romero, and David King.

Other than that, a new community-created collection will be revealed and will include outfits for the Clown and Feng Min. The Clown gets the Mr. Puddles outfit while Feng Min gets the Demon Slayer outfit.

Jake Park will be getting a Lunar New Year-themed outfit. New charms have been added for players to collect. Also, the ‘Reckoning’ update debuts the all-new feature called the Compendium, providing players access to all past Tomes.

Take note; starting today until January 28, 2020, Tome II main characters will be 30% off in the in-game store. The update includes a new Rift available for purchase for 1,000 Auric Cells.

For those who don’t know, Dead by Daylight (official website) is a popular 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game from Behaviour Interactive. It involves one crazed killer hunting four friends through a terrifying nightmare.

One player controls the killer while others control the possible survivors. The game is currently available on PC and consoles.

It was released on Microsoft Windows back in 2016. The popularity of the title has allowed it to introduce content from fan-favorite franchises including Stranger Things, Evil Dead, and a lot more.

Reckoning Tome II update Dead by Daylight release
‘Reckoning’ Tome II Update for Dead by Daylight (Image: Screengrab)

As far as some fans are concerned, the upcoming Resident Evil: Project Resistance game seems to be following a similar model. Whether it will be able to replicate the success of Dead by Daylight is yet to be seen. Most Resident Evil fans aren’t very optimistic about it.

Anyway, are you a fan of Dead by Daylight? Will you be playing the ‘Reckoning’ update?

Let us know.

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